What if magic is the new normal?

What if magic is the new normal?

How have you been?

Fear and magic

Fear used to rule my life. I used to be so afraid of many things until I came to realize that the fear could be a disguise of our own potency. The moment you start to acknowledge your capacities, you will see that the fear dissolves.

You might be using the fear energy to keep you entrained with this reality. Magic is something that defies this reality’s rules and structure. Do you see the connection? What lies have you bought about this reality? What if this reality is just one possibility and we all can create a brand new reality that does not have any of the limitations of this reality?

Have you heard of the 100th monkey concept?

When a certain number of people buy into an idea or exhibit a certain behaviour, then that idea or behaviour spreads magically to unconnected groups.

What if each one of us can be one of the 100 monkeys in creating the new golden earth reality? You do not have to do it alone. Please do join our 2 group coaching calls in March addressing fear and magic:


If you had no fear, what would you be? What will you be creating?

What if Well Being is our Natural State?

As you may be aware, light key protocols are very simple and effective self-help procedures producing magical effects. See some of the feedbacks:

I am practicing rainbow ray frequency protocol for my health issue. I suffered a lot before that. Now it is easier for me. Pain reduced. I hope if I practice daily it will cure completely. I can see this change in my eyes. Thank you!

After the kindness key exercise I was feeling all warm and could sense lot of energies around. Asked the entities to step out so that I could rest. Was able to sleep after that

My body felt relieved in the whole session; light and heart chakra being activated; a wave of energy rushing through my body. I am feeling pretty euphoric at the moment

I am going to teach the following 5 protocols at 75% discount starting on 12th March:

1. Pain relief protocol
2. Fluid balance protocol
3. Glow and grow protocol
4. Intimacy protocol
5. Protocol for clearing unhealthy relationships

I hope that you will take this wonderful opportunity to learn these 5 protocols and take charge of your well being. Here is the link for registration:


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