What if you can know it all?

What if you can know it all?

How have you been?

What if you can just know everything? If you are part of this universe, then the same energy which is driving the galaxies is running your body too, right? So, what if you can be attuned to the universe and know it all? Do you want to know more? Video link is at the end of this email.

Light key journey

Journeying with Light keys (11-12th July)

1) Conscious Body class created so much shift in the bodies… :

“I feel my skin color has changed”
“Wonderful class much gratitude”
“Feeling renewed… wiped the slate clean… thank you Nila”
“Peaceful and almost slept. Feel like a new person.”
“Like a huge weight has lifted off”
“Very light, renewed and refreshed”
“Like a free bird…. Wings have grown”
“Miracle in my body”
“This is sooooo brilliant and awesome”
“Thank you for a full body organ cleanse. Awesome! Never thought these were even possible. Feels like a miracle”

If you missed the class, you can still get the recording by writing to the team.

2) Today’s Awareness Development journey was amazing. More possibilities are experienced.

3) Much awaited Light Key Adv course is coming up in August.

4) Some good success with COVID treatment from Light Medicine practitioners:

“My cousin got diagnosed covid positive, he was in the Hospital, I was doing (healing) for him as well. He got discharged last friday. Dr. had advised for 10 days hospitalization and he got discharged in 4 days.”

5) Finished the manual and quiz for Light Medicine Level 2 course. If you like to know more about Light Medicine course, please see the link below:

6) Did a lightlogue for ‘Letting go of stories’.

7) We are reviewing the Light Key Protocol prices. Likely to go up. If you have not learnt these amazing courses, you may want to do it this month.

8) Created the Conscious and Prosperous healer intensive program. First class is coming up soon.

9) Created a protocol for treating COVID infection…

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Conscious and Prosperous healer (Basic) – Certified Course


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What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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