What if you could just be aware of the winning numbers?

What if you could just be aware of the winning numbers?

How are you? I am writing this from India around midnight from a totally excited space of upcoming classes. Each of these classes have certain energy and they play with me all the time.

The Abuse/Trauma healing protocol on Sunday (Dec 15th) is like a little rabit that is so dynamic.
The ‘You, The Precious One’ class on 16th is a kind nurturing energy.
The Light key course on Tuesday is the big energy booster.

In fact, this little rabbit woke me up at 3:30 AM last morning (and still keeping me awake). I followed the energy and found that a client from South America had sought some help at the exact moment the class woke me up. I did respond to her questions and as we progressed, it became very apparent that she could receive great contributions from the class. I sent her the link and she chose it right away.

This class was small a day back and so, I followed the intuition and chose a participant’s home as the venue. Till then, the class has doubled in size! What more magic can this class create?

This only shows that when you follow the awareness, when you trust your intuition, you can create magic. What if following the awareness creates more awareness? What if you can be aware of who ever is looking for your services and products? What if you could be aware of what they need to hear to give you money? What if you could just be aware of the winning lottery numbers?

The Light Key Healing System helps you develop the awareness with very simple practices, protocols, processes and attunements – you will get to learn a lot of them from the class on 17th – There are are 5 modules and 3 bonuses including a group prosperity attunement. What grand possibilities will this class create for you? What is your awareness about this? Would you follow your awareness to create more?


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Looking forward to meeting you in the class.

In appreciation of you,