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What is abundance?

What is abundance?

What is abundance?

Like many of us I I used to always relate abundance to material possessions. I worked my soul off to become financially independent so that I can pursue my other interests. I tried every technique I came across, every suggestion I heard from people. I felt so stuck and extremely frustrated as I did not even see a sign of that happening. In fact things went from bad to worse. I cursed myself and God for my sufferings and was extremely depressed.

Life kind of forced me to experience the worse. Within a few days, my perceptions changed completely. I started enjoying what I dreaded. Money or material possessions did not matter to me anymore because I was already experiencing the joy and excitement I always wanted. This threw me off the balance in a way because I got so confused about what I really wanted in life… I looked back at my life and realized that my goal post had moved all the time. It seems like chasing my own shadow all thro’ my journey. It struck me that when we relate our security to money, ‘it is never enough’ – ie. no amount of money can make us feel safe. We might think that 1 million $ will give us the safety we perceive but when we reach there, the amount will move to 1 billion or something like that…

Since I realized this, I have stopped chasing what I thought I desired. Instead, I now seek more insight, more understanding and more contentment. I feel that’s where the real abundance is.

The revelation here for me is:Abundance is not what you have… but what you think you have 🙂

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