What is right, Gaby?

What is right, Gaby?

Dear friends,

How are you all?

I am busy with preparations for my next Access Consciousness Tour to Asia – I am visiting Singapore, Malaysia, India and UAE. How does it get any better than this and what else is possible?

Miracle Diary

It is such a pleasure for me to share the miracles I create everyday! What did I create recently? Well, I got 4 of my body classes cancelled!!!! How does it get any better than this? Hehehe… Being a humanoid of magnitude, I like to actualize everything yesterday – no surprise, right? So I announced 4 classes with 3 days notice!!! Bright and Brilliant me!!! And I ended up cancelling these classes – of course, with ease and joy! Please don’t be disappointed… The miracle story does not end here. Please read on.

Even before announcing the class, I had been asking ‘What can I be or do different that will allow more ease into my life?’ Since the classes were cancelled, I had time in hand and was inspired to announce 50% off on private sessions… OMG, that opened the flood gates… I had more private sessions in one day than I have ever had before. More new clients showed up and most of them are coming back for more. I ended up earning more with ease, joy and glory. I also got a realization that I immensely enjoy doing private sessions and so decided to do discounted sessions every now and then. To avail this discount, you really got to be alert as you know, I have no time sense 🙂

How does it get any better than this? What magic are you being for you and what miracles are you creating in your life?

Tool of the Day

Where is your focus generally? Are you complaining that the cup is half full or grateful for every drop coming your way? I met one of my friends after 3 months of her bars class. The moment she saw me, she started complaining how bad her life was. But I could see that her life had changed in many ways internally and externally. I asked her ‘What is right about your life now?’. She was a bit taken aback as her total focus was on what was wrong all the time. It shifted the focus for her! Now when she calls up she starts with what has been so right about her life! Wow! How one simple question can open up possibilities for us!

This question can also be very effectively used with kids. We had 2 years old Gaby in one of my foundation classes. Gaby is very active and an absolute free spirit. He was running around and playing at his own will and he used to come back screaming for reasons not known to us. Instead of asking him ‘What is wrong?’, I asked him ‘What’s right, Gaby?’ & his mother and other participants also did the same technique. Every time we asked this question to him, he would stop for a moment and go back to his playing. How does it get any better than this? What is right about your life, friend?

50% Discount on Class recording

I have been doing numerous web classes on various topics and those class recordings are now available in our shop. We have 50% off on these recording as an intro offer. This will really be for a short period – like 4 days to 7 days! Would you like to take advantage of this? Please use FIFTYOFFER as the promo code to claim this discount http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/shop/

Access Tour in Asia

If you are in Asia and like to attend my classes, please feel free to visit the class schedule: http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/events/

Please feel free to invite me to your town as the schedule is quite flexible I hope to meet you all some time somewhere soon… What would it take for you to create more and more magic every day?

Much gratitude,

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju