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What is Your Lucky Number?

What is Your Lucky Number?

Hope you are doing great!

Let me share another magical story with you.

36 times the investment

Recently when I had been to Las Vegas, Roulette kept coming to my mind. I was telling my hubby about that and when I got an opportunity in a practically empty casino on a road trip, I did bet!

That was my first time on a Roulette and I didn’t know exactly how to play it. I randomly selected number 3. My hubby asked me very sceptically, “why did you choose number 3 out of all the numbers?“. I said, “It’s my lucky number” without thinking. Within seconds, the spin stopped on number 3! Well, I won 36 times my investment. The win is a win even if it is 25c investment, right?

This is not the first time. When we were on a Ferry a few years back, my uncle wanted to show me how to bet on a new game. He is a mathematician and while he was explaining, I chose the number and we played the game. Well, I won 36 times then too. But my uncle could not believe it and was so puzzled because, for the numbers I chose, I should not have won that money logically & scientifically. I neither understood the game nor the reason but I won money 🙂

While I was channelling healing arts a few months back, number 36 was in the art. I seem to have some connection with this number. Do you have any such magical story? Would you like to create one? Join my fortnightly coaching calls in March to embrace your magic:

Invitation to be an instrument of world peace

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I look forward to having you somewhere some time 🙂 Until then, keep creating…

In appreciation of you,