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What’s beyond past and future?

What’s beyond past and future?

How have you been?

Would you like to receive money which someone owes you for long – with ease? How do you feel when you believe someone has deceived you?  Would you like to step up from that stuck space? In this video, Nila walks you through a simple exercise to help you move to a better space – which would allow money and more to flow to you. Link to the video at the end.

In the above video, Nila also talks about the power of the present moment! Would you like to go deeper and get over the past? Checkout

Going Beyond time with Golden Globe of Kindness
You would have seen Nila share the Golden globe of kindness few weeks back.

Just observing the image brought goosebumps to many of us. What would it be like to go on a meditative journey and experience the magic of this golden globe of kindness.

Nila would lead all of us through this meditative experience  – however, what you experience during the meditative journey will be uniquely yours! Choose to experience this magical journey – wonder what doors would this open for you? Here are some experiences from the past journeys:

“My whole body is jumping with joy right now, after the ADC.She ( Nila) is magic and she will bring out the magic you be.”

“I have lost words to describe the ADC calls.Today was another great call. So loving and nurturing. So much we received from all the elements of the light keys, the planet, the universe and beyond these….Came back with light and lightness. I truly understand what it means, now. My back pain went away by the healing I received.I’ve stopped wondering how a meditation can contribute so much physically too.Gratitude for teaching us this.Nila.. 🙏😘”

We cordially invite you to join us in this experience to allow yourself to become aware of timelines where you have left a part of you behind and choose to release yourself! Embrace your infiniteness.

Tuning into Christ’s Healing Energy – Certified
Did you hear about Nila’s experience with super-advanced energy recently?

As Nila often calls out, she is not a religious person – not in this reality’s sense of ‘religious’ anyway. Just after Easter, Nila felt the powerful energy of Jesus Christ touch her and the words ‘Christ’s Healing energy’ came to her. Shortly after that, she received the download of this complete class.

Since then, she has used this process on herself and experienced a tune-up of her body, mind, and spirit. She called out that the lightness she experienced is so ‘visible’ in the various mundane activities she performs.

Wouldn’t you like to experience this? We invite you to join us in this powerful class to experience the magic of Christ’s healing energy. This has nothing to do with religion – it’s all about Christ consciousness – the state of awareness of our true nature.

As this is a super-advanced class, you would need to be an Expert healer to attend this class. Click below for details.

Abundance and prosperity as if my magic
Would you like to manifest abundance and prosperity consciously? Check out our April offers.

What’s beyond past and future?

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