Where to start?

There are several streams in the Light Key Wellness System that cater to people who are at different stages of their journey. You can start from any of the courses listed below according to your choice and awareness. You can listen to Nila’s guidance on this here:

For beginners who do not have any experience with energy healing

Basic Light Key Frequencies – The healing frequencies work like a magic wand and empower individuals to shift any long standing stubborn issues.

What people say:

“I love the sound of and the vibration of Light Key Wellness System. It is lovely and totally light and instantly generated lightness and wellness.
You are truly so magical.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for spreading wellness cheer and joy . Thank you. ❤️”

“In the hospital waiting, a little girl comes who needs to go through a treatment crying with her mother, fearful, sent a blessing to her to dissolve fear and create ease, and within 5 mins she stopped crying.?..love the magical light keys??❤️”

“Thank you so much dear Nila for the session with RD sir. Even though I joined 1/2 hr late but the energy on the group n the light keys was enormous. Even I was in the car all the way listening to Nila n was thinking how blessed and grateful for my life to be on this path. receiving the energies n the love n magic. I actually now love my magical life n enjoying. So much love n grateful ? gratitude ??”

For people who require an immediate solution to an issue

Basic Light Key Protocols – Combining Light Keys and Light Key Frequencies in a sequence of steps, one can experience an immediate change in their situation. There are numerous Light Key Protocols. The following two are highly recommended to start with:

Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma

Feedback from a practitioner:

“Dear all, thank you so much I can be here, I love light key protocols and so do my son. I only mentioned it to him once and since then when he feels poorly or upset, he asks me to ask the “Lights” to help him ❤️”
“Thank you. I just did the protocol for abuse and trauma, twice, and felt this huge energy shift coming through me. I have no words to describe the change. Thank you, thank you so much!”

Light key protocol for clearing energy blocks

Feedback from a practitioner:

“Hi Nila,I want to say thank you to you for clearing energy block session which I attended on October from Germany. I joined the session for my issue childbirth in my mind. I keep on practicing the session for my health problems. Now I am conceived. I strongly believe that healing protocol cleared the block in my life where I got stuck. Whenever I got stuck in my career and life u helped me out. Thank you”
“I run the protocol for clearing energy blocks for the 3rd day in a row now. It is hugh support for me. Thank you Nila for this amazing body of energy that you brought to my life”
“It’s like I astral travelled. Saw visions. some mandala also. Really wonderful. Felt pressure in my third eye. Towards the end, I felt the energy rush downward toward my feet.”

For people who would like to have ease and joy with their body

Joyous Body Protocol – This protocol is a sequence of steps using the Light Keys at specific points on your body, which helps with restoring the body’s healing capacity and creates more harmony, peace and calm in the body.

what people say:

“So much ease with body …the energy using the tools and going beyond time is self-mastery, Thank u so much ? Nila. Every day is such much fun using sharp shark frequency ?My body is transmuting with waves of kindness ❤️The fluid balance protocol does magic to balance my harmone and metabolism. Joyous body protocol is magical. My arthritis pain has completely vanished. Stiffness has disappeared and body so beautifully is getting flexible.”
“I have an issue of low bp…low oxygen content in my blood was the diagnosis from doctor. From 2 days I’m doing ozonization and mineralization process. I’m feeling energetic….easy breath, no shortness of breath, no tired feeling. Yes…it’s so amazing. Now I’m able to sit without fan and AC atleast for half an hr. I have tried this…it was never before this…I used to fainted within 5 mins if no fan or Ac is on.Am really grateful to NiLa di for this amazing invention.”
“Thank you, Miss Nila. it felt as if burdens were washed away. it really feels serene. thank you. this session is really wonderful”

For people who are ready to embark on a journey of self-mastery

Basic Blueprint Course – This practice builds the foundation for self-mastery. It is a pen and paper exercise that takes about 10 to 15 minutes a day, for 36 days to create an energetic shift for the individual.

Feedback from a practitioner:

“My husband had a pain in ear and some sound was coming, for couple of days he was going through this. So I used the tool From BPC class and his pain is reduced now. He is a doctor ,so he had a telephonic conversation with ENT surgeon, he said good u sensed this early sometimes we have to do the surgery or soemtimes people lose their hearing capacity.His intensity is reduced”
“Nila you are really amazing ❤️
Now I know from Where you get so much of energy, so much ease , so much flow, so much of everything….. ??
Thank you for an amazing class ?
Feeling very different ??”

For people who require clarity and prosperity

Prosperity Activation Programme – This 3 step programme helps you to look within deeper to identify your authentic desires, clear the blocks, and energize them to create more space for all that you desire.

Feedback from a practitioner:

“Hi Nila, yesterday my husband went to his annual party of his tennis group. The party was wholly organized by my husband. But it everyone contributed in terms of money.
After the party my husband was gifted with Apple Watch 6 series. He has not received this kind of a gift from any of his friends from long. It was unbelievable for him to believe. He could not accept the gift until n unless my daughters forced him to receive his gift. Thank you ?? Nila.”
“Surprisingly today morning my mom in law showered me love with a diamond ring… saying it’s been long she has not gifted me anything so yesterday when she went to jeweller for a repair work she bought for me and surprised me…. What more magic can we create… thank you Nila?”
“I practice dentistry in a middle class area where people have lost their jobs due to covid era.All patients got their treatment s done without paying full fees and I could not ask for it seeing their condition. Today few of them came on their own to settle their dues.Hdigbtt?Thanks Nila and the whole group for the contribution. ?”

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