Who are the lucky 21?

Who are the lucky 21?

What magic are you creating? 

This post is intent to create a wave of kindness. If you are following me on FB, you might already have seen this gratitude note and my intention to pay forward the kindness I received:

A few years back I was sitting in a restaurant chatting with friends and casually mentioned that my little finger stayed sprained for a few months. Padmini, who was sitting beside me took my hand and said, “You keep talking. I’ll do some reiki healing”. I had met Padmini for the first time and I was very touched with her kindness. In 20 minutes she said it was done… Well, it was really done. My little finger as perfectly fine.

I remembered this incident and reached out to her after a few years when I was going through a rough time and none of my magical tools seemed to work. I have met Padmini only a couple of times and have not been in touch too. But when I contacted, without a flinch, without any expectations, Padmini offered to work on me for 21 straight days and she did religiously… day after day at the same time every day and took me to a much better place than I was when we started the healing. My body and being certainly became stronger.

I am grateful to her beyond words and really like to honour her kindness by paying it forward. I will be contributing to 21 people who choose to receive in some way or form. Is there any catch? Absolutely no. I am doing it without any expectation  just like Padmini. What would it take for this wave of kindness to expand beyond our imagination?

By the way, if you like to be one of the 21 people, please message me. I have already started working with some people and if you like to participate, you may have to hurry! Please remember that this does not mean that I am going to erase away all your problems. I am willing to take you to the water and you have to drink it as much as you require 🙂  

Magic Diary

A fellow healer suggested that I start channeling my higher self and I did start. The effect was so powerful. I could not stop singing aloud and started writing a short story after about 10 years. How does it get any better than this?

I also channeled some codes that seemed innocent in the beginning but when touched, started pouring so much light. I also got the awareness that these are private light keys that allow us to bring light from other dimension into our reality. The keys are unique for each person. Then I tried channeling the keys for others. The result was amazing – the people, I thought, are very advanced in their journey did not receive anything and people I thought are not at all spiritual, received instantaneously. Without any explanation, I sent these keys to the individuals and asked them to touch the print out with their palms. Here is what I heard from them:

“I could not even touch the paper with my palms. There was so much energy between my palm and the paper. I sensed the energy up until my elbow. I was able to sense an energy ball moving between my palm and the paper”

“I felt bubbles of energy thrown from the paper into my palms that travelled up my arms into the body. I tried putting my hands on the table and the energy was gone. I could not belive it!”

Since then I have channeled a few more keys and waiting to hear from the individuals. My awareness is that we can use these keys to bring more and more light and energy into our reality to change/create anything. I would like to have volunteers to try this. If you are up for it, I would require your full name and photograph. All I ask in return is your experience and feedback. Of course, you have to take responsibility for the outcome. If not, please don’t volunteer 🙂

Group coaching

Thank you for the great responses for the group coaching. We had two groups and we covered a lot of ground and cleared a lot. Individuals cleared as much as they would have in two private sessions that would amount to 400$ for just 39$. The synergy was amazing and some of them would like to repeat the sessions. 

I would like to have a group of 6 to travel together for at least 4 weeks so that we can cover different topics each week, create tangible results and celebrate together. Basically, you will pay $156 for 4 hours of group coaching which is still 79% of my one private session! I think this is a great opportunity for us to create a grand reality together.

If you are interested, please get in touch with me with your time zone and convenient time. 

21 Days to prosperity

If you are on FB, I invite you to play the 21 day game for prosperity:


This is a fun way to tune into the vibration of prosperity.

Infinite gratitude,