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Who is residing in your body?

Who is residing in your body?

How are you?

How are you being with your body?
Truth: How many people are in your body?
Zero or millions? If it is zero, you are not present with your body; If it is anything other than one, then, well, you have company!

Question is who is living your body? Intrigued? Join us on the Conscious Body Protocol class on Saturday:

See what people are saying about the predecessor of this protocol:

“I would like to share my singing has way improved after light medicine sessions and gorgeous you calls as I am more present in body today I recorded 3 songs all got done quickly in one take, and voice is sounding very sweet seriously I had done singing around 2 months back it was good that time but required 3 4 times practice, I am so loving me more now. NILA don’t get surprised if you see my video soon”

“I highly recommend the Conscious Body Protocol class that’s coming up. This was birthed from the ADC Intensive and it’s amazing! During the ADC Intensive, I kept going OMG! OMG! and there was so much awareness that I was still carrying people whom I thought I had already released. After the session, my body felt so light and I’ve run the process a few times now and will continue to run it. You wouldn’t choose this class for what reason?”

 Journeying with Light keys (07-08 July)

1) The vortex and rapid response protocol was received very well. Some messages from the participants:

“An awesome Vortices and Rapid Response Protocol class. So much awareness. Class had Beautiful energy.”
“great class..I have this natural high feeling..”
“In Nila’s classes everything gets exponentialized “
“thank you Nila. It is fabulous and magical.”

You can get the recording if you missed. This class will help you raise the vibration instantly and help you with actualizing your desires quickly.

2) When I hear messages like this, I am over the moon… how nice to facilitate babies to come into this world bearing more light:

“Hi mam, on my request you have send this (babies with ease clearing) to me for conceiving with ease. I got pregnant in same month. Now its 8 th month of pregnancy to start. Lots of Gratitude to you”

Wondering if I should do a class to welcome more babies of light into this world! Let me know if anyone requires it… 🙂

3) When I was doing an attunement today a new frequency has come through to help us stay present. Being present is a great way to go beyond time & aging. If you are interested in having an ageless body, please feel free to join in a few hours:

4) In the private session today, the first snippets of space clearing sneaked out 🙂 Class is brewing.

5) The feedback on Light medicine body reset and detox protocols are awesome. EVERYONE who receives the session experiences immense change. I wonder what else is possible with light medicine. I got the detox protocol done on me and my body was detoxing for 3 days. I drank so much water like I have never done before. Body feels light and clothes fit better! If you are curious, you can also book a session with a facilitator and experience the joy of your body lightness.

6) Announcing the ‘Conscious and Prosperous healer’ program where we will be exploring how you can shine your light anywhere/ anytime without being impacted and thrive with ease. Coming soon.

7) My team is growing. If you are interested to join, please send your details to – anyone who enjoys organizing, writing, social media management, video editing, public relations, customer support, etc.

8) Have been practicing love keys and they have such cozy energy… They make me feel wrapped in a security blanket. If you have not started the practice yet, please do. If you have not done intermediate yet, please do. If you have not done any light class, at least do the ‘Ease with school’ series to walk the planet with ease and grace. Bring your children for free.

9) Conscious body protocol manual is done. Even while writing, it created so much freedom for my body. Don’t miss it on Saturday!

10) I have downloaded a new key with numbers for the first time for exponentializing your capabilities. Maybe, I will trial this with Gorgeous you participants today. Remind me, if you are attending.

11) Just received:
“I did elements of light after I sprayed the magic water from the joyous body at the end of my facial client today. Seriously..her skin was glowing..tight and beautiful..she is 76 yrs old..Hdigabtt? I have never seen anything like it in all my years in the beauty business.. “
You can also have this… Join the light key journey

12) Two Covid patients have recovered quickly with the application of light key frequencies. If you or loved ones are in need of healing from Covid, please do let us know. We, light key practitioners, have done 11 days of conscious healing work for the situation and going to continue. We can include your requests. If you like to be private, you can contact a Light key facilitator for private sessions.

What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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What more magic can we create together I wonder!

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