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Who is running your life?

Who is running your life?

Dear friends

How are you all?

Access consciousness empowers us to create life by looking at life from totally different perspective. I have been posting some questions daily in facebook that might give you some insights.

I am giving some of them below:

What is success for you – not according to the people around you? If there is nobody else in this planet, how will your success look like? Would fear exist if we can change anything any time? What if we can? By not charging someone for the sessions are we making them lesser or greater?

One question I often ask in my workshops is ‘Is life happening to you or you create your own life?’ How is it for you? Are you at the effect of life’s situations? Who is running your life today – people who have opinions about you? People from whom you are seeking approval? People you care? Who else? How is it working for you? What if you choose to reclaim your power now? Or at least open to the idea that you can create your own life?

If you are willing and like some help, please feel free to register for free online workshop to learn a few life changing skills:

Asking questions is a great way to change the energy in any situation. What would it take for you to simply ask ‘What does it take to change this?’ to start creating desirable changes in your life straight away? What other contribution can you be for the planet? What magic can you create in your life?

If you are struggling with a body issue, I encourage you to watch this awesome intro class Right body for you by Donnielle:

what contribution can this be for you today? I have launched coaching packages, in case you are interested:

What else is possible?

Wishing you ease, joy and glory,

Nila/Nimi/Nirmala Raju

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