Who is the authority of your life?

Who is the authority of your life?

How are you? Hope you are able to find gratitude and keep your vibration high.

Authority of your life

The most commonly used phrase in a light key class is ‘Use your own awareness‘. Why?
Everyone’s path is unique; everyone is at a different stage of evolution. What may work for one may not work for another.

Also, what works now may not work after 5 seconds because the universe is evolving all the time. The number of stars in the universe might change every second as stars die and be born. Hence, any fixation may end up as a limitation.

Besides, who else other than you can be more aware of your own universe? When you put other people on pedestals and expect them to solve your problem is simply passing on the responsibility of creating your life to someone else. Well, then whose life will you be living?

Whenever I say ‘follow your awareness‘, I can definitely sense a wave of resistance from the participants and many say, “I don’t know. That’s why I am asking you“.

I often recommend them to ask themselves, “If I know, what would it be?“. Most certainly, this creates an opening in the wall they had built between them and the universe.

The more and more they start to tap into their own knowing they get that it is the most empowering thing to do. You being the God of your own universe is the mastery most of us are seeking.

Light key courses offer you that. The sense of responsibility, knowing and empowerment to create your own life. I invite you to explore the Blue print course to start your journey:


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Thank you so much for the session today. It was pure magic. Am lowering so many barriers

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Free coaching call

Nila offers a free support call every month in which she will be leading the group to release limitations and empower them to create the life they desire using the numerous modalites she has learnt and strong intuition. She may also be facilitating willing individuals in the call. Please feel free to register:


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What more magic can we create together?

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