Willing to be magical?!

Willing to be magical?!

How have you been?

Are you willing to be magical with money? You might wish to be but are you really willing to be magical with money? Aha! Do you sense some resistance? If you would like some help letting go of your limiting beliefs with respect to the money, Nila has put together Access Conscious based clearing to aid you with this process. What doors of magical possibility would this open for you? The link is at the end.

Advanced Light Key Blueprint course – is today!

It’s always heartening to see gratitude notes, of how Light Keys have changed people’s lives for the better. Some of them have turned their life around while others are making inroads.

In whichever category you are,  this course would help you advance further in your journey into mastery. Invite you to join us and manifest your desires through additional processes and keys. Nila has also announced a surprise bonus!


Going beyond the greatest of addictions

WOW! This class was received just fabulously, yesterday. Participants let go of their addictions to identities with the help of powerful processes and simple exercises. See below for a few of the shares:

“I was like wow -what a release and then comes the next exercise which brought out a double wow. The meditation at the end was profound.”

“I couldn’t believe that I could release my 10 out 10 identities….”

“some identities which I knew I had but cud not release nd today it was like yesss I did it.. it was such a light feeling nd liberated, free feeling. What it feels like to b widout any identities is just wooow. Loads of luv nila for this light nd lightness.”

“today I felt like I took that 1st breath of freedom”

If you have missed it but wished you had been there, the recording is available at the same price for just a few more days!


Magic with vortex of light – Moving into joy by releasing memories

Have you come out of reeling since the last meditation? 😀 It was really deep, as many of you shared!

Ready to release memories that keep you resonating with dense energies? Who would you be without all these memories? Join us to find out!Invite you for another round of powerful meditation – allow the Vortex of Light to release the memories stored in all layers of your body and being.


Avail amazing offers of October – just 3 more days to go

Being magical with Money?


List of Upcoming Classes:

10 Practices to become a people magnet

Instant Relief Protocol (formerly called ‘Quick Fix Light Key Protocol’) https://infinitehealing.co.uk/event/instant-relief-protocol/

Magic with vortex of light – Emotional balance and vitality


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What more magic can we all create together?

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