Witness Nila’s magic with LIGHT!

Witness Nila’s magic with LIGHT!

Save the dates: 22nd and 23rd January 2024

For Nila is all set to weave magic in your lives with 4 potent calls!

❤️Limitless Possibilities with Light Matrix

Light Matrix is not just a concept, it’s a vibrant tapestry woven from the very fabric of the universe. It’s the force that connects us all, pulsing with infinite potential waiting to be tapped into. Innumerable testimonies narrate the various arenas where Light Matrix has transpired magic—- transmuting densities and intensities into Lightness.

“I am in the 10x conference virtually and their system crashed..and I said Light matrix clear cancel and transmute this tech issue to be fixed and flow with ease I said this 3 times. I kid you not..the announcement came we are back up..hoe does it get any better than this”

“Light Matrix is an everyday mantra in all life experiences..and I share with anyone and everyone that is willing to receive a gift for their own situations in life.. thank you for todays session..it was a great session. I went from a 10 to a 5 to a 3”

Nila is now offering a free call, using Light matrix!  This is more than just a free call. It’s an invitation to step into a new paradigm of self-awareness and empowerment.

It’s a sanctuary for your mind, body, and soul – a gateway to unlocking your true potential. Immerse yourself in a world where positivity flows like sunlight, and where every shared word is a beacon of healing and transformation.

❤️Group Vortex of Light Attunement

A powerful attunement, that aligns you to the energies of Spirit of consciousness in action!

Receivers  of this attunement gain  clarity, wisdom and mastery leading to an empowered life.

Receive this attunement in a group and become eligible to attend –
Unconditional Bliss with Vortex of Light: Meditation.

Vortex of light meditations are great tools to create harmony, symphony and possibility in life. Create a blissful existence as Nila leads you through a beautiful meditation with Vortex of Light

“It was totally wonderful and I received is fully . I fell asleep in the middle of the meditation but when I got up i could sense some kind of tingling feeling inside my brain and middle spine. Just amazing can’t be explained. Thank u so much Nila for such an awesome an holistic experience.”

“Thank you Nila for the amazing VOL meditation .. remembering and writing the past good memories is the best way to cherish n sustain joy,happiness and well-being in the present moment .. Iam sure it’s the best way to keep your vibrations high..”

What more? We also have a package curated just for you—Celestial Glow.

This package includes Limitless Possibilities with Light Matrix, Group Vortex of Light attunement, Unconditional Bliss with Vortex of Light: Meditation and a Q&A session with Nila.

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❤️Cellular Serenity: Liberate Trapped Sadness – Body Morphosis session

Emotional well-being is integral to our overall health, and oftentimes, we unknowingly store deep-seated sadness within our bodies. The Cellular Serenity session is designed to bring these emotions to the surface, providing a safe space for release and fostering a transformative healing process.

Would you like to receive taster sessions for potent processes like Star Glow facial, Total body tune up and more?

These sessions are happening in February for our esteemed YouTube Elite members.

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Look forward to a mesmerizing week!

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Wishing you light and lightness,
Tamanna, Expert Healer
Team Light Key Academy