Would anyone likes to have a free session?

Would anyone likes to have a free session?

How you be?

It is really long time since I wrote to you, right? Did you ever wonder why? I was struggling – yes, I was.

I can hear some of you saying ‘Oh..No…you are a facilitator. You can’t struggle’. What if the change we have been asking for shows up totally differently than we expect? It was an interesting roller coaster ride for me. How does it get any better than that? But you know what, I “got” a lot out of it. More tools, more awareness and more kindness… It was like I was in a trance for a few weeks – floating around not connected to my body disconnected from my life experiencing intense emotions. I did not even realize that I was like that and when I realized it, I had forgotten that I was capable of making a choice to get out of it. Interesting right? How many times have you pretended that life is happening to you? Was it fun? Would an infinite being choose that? duh… that was not bright.. was it?!!! How hilarious!

I am fine now thanks to my awareness and inspired actions. What would it take for me to have more fun now? You know what, some people like me cannot handle boredom and we start creating challenges just to have fun. So… I am now choosing to get busy. Are you willing to play with me? When I was on the roller coaster ride, so many people were kind to me. They gifted their time and energy without any point of view. I am so very grateful for all the kindness I created and now like to expand it more. I am going to offer a few free 20 minute sessions to people who are willing to make a difference in the world. How does it get any better than this?

All you have to do is just reply to this email stating you like to avail this session. I’ll respond to you if you are chosen to receive the session. I am not putting any time cap on it and so you may even hear from me 3 months later when the energy is light for the session. No strings attached and so please feel free to pass it on to your friends. What if receiving is gifting? What gift can you be for me? What grand changes can we create for you, me and the universe?

Private sessions (Price increase from Aug 1st)

What can you gain from a private session with me? What do you know? 🙂 Tap into the energy of your life now. Would you like to change something? Would I be a contribution to you here? How would your life be after 5 years if you choose to have a session with me? You know… What if as an infinite being you don’t “need” anyone to contribute? What if you just choose to receive contribution when it feels light?

If you like to see what all I offer, please feel free to visit here: http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/

Please note that prices are increasing from August 1st. I look forward to hearing from you sometime.

Infinite gratitude,