Would you like a timeless body?

Would you like a timeless body?

How are you?
In this newsletter, I am going to talk about the effect of time on the body.

Is it possible to have a timeless body?
When you are completely present in the current moment, there is no past and no future.

 In that case, would you be carrying the limitations you had in the last moment? Why do we need to buy into the continuum of the time? What if each and every moment is fresh and we can have a clean slate?

What if the whole idea of time is an illusion? When did time start and when would it end? If none of us believe in time would it exist?

Interesting questions, huh?

Have you ever seen collective beliefs being shattered? Well, once upon a time, humans believed that the earth was flat – then it changed!! Did it expand our lives? Well, if not, you would not be reading this email from across the globe, right? Likewise, what if enough number of people choose to transcend time and that changes the life on planet all-together? Possible? Why not?

We are going to be exploring the ways to go beyond time and body clock in our ‘Gorgeous You’ call on Thursday. Would it lead to anti-aging! Well, join and see for yourself:

Super potent light key vortices
I wanted to share something related to the Light key vortices and Rapid Response protocol which is coming up in a few hours. I had an awareness a week back about the COVID situation which I totally ignored because it did not sound right to my “mind”!!! (I still have not lost my mind totally ). I even got an explanation further – but I still did not take any action. Then we had the 5D intensive Awareness Development Circle where the same information came through to Saida. She did act on it and shared her amazing experience. It is ground breaking for sure. I will share what it is tomorrow in the call and if we are brave enough, we can do some magic together on the COVID situation… (and much beyond that) Hope you are joining!

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