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Would you like to activate your magic?

Would you like to activate your magic?

How has your journey with awareness been? What gift is your awareness to you? How do you receive it? Awareness can be overwhelming many times if we have points of views around it. Watch this YouTube video where Nila lays out how we relate with awareness. Link to the video is given at the end.

Embark on a Mystical Journey!
Join Nila on this magical shamanic journey to the mystical plane of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and get your magic activated! Maybe you were a goddess or a priestess? Are the gods waiting for you to remind you of your true magical nature? You will also learn to tap into the wisdom of the ancient magical symbols. Join here to unleash your magic:

This class has no pre requisites.

Vibrate high for Money Flow
All Rapid Response Protocol practitioners have a chance to do this powerful class with Nila. In ‘Exponentializing Money Flow with Rapid Response Protocol’, Nila will lead the group to vibrate high and maintain the vibration to create money flow with ease. Join here: 

Relate to your body powerfully
Releasing the body weight with Light Matrix has 3 powerful light matrix commands by Nila:

  1. Releasing the body image.
  2. Releasing the judgements & emotions.
  3. Releasing into lightness.

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to have a lighter body.

Whether it is physical or energetic heaviness you carry in your body, these recordings can bring light and lightness to your body and your universe. Buy these recordings at a special discount for a limited time:

When you purchase this product, you will be eligible to participate in the 11 Days to a Lighter Body challenge starting 1st August.

Feedbacks from the previous challenge:

“June went a little harsh on me Inspite of working very hard the remuneration wasnt enough for several uncalled for expenses this month. I bought Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix on 18th of June & I actually created finances out of magic after that to run through the month smoothly …. Thankyou @Nila IH  Tons  of Gratitude today & forever”

“I had been running on background while doing financial healings for people,and all of them reported positively and manifested. Me also was looking for my healing centre, without much resources.Received a call from a spiritual mentor ,who already own a huge healing centre near Nausary, Mumbai,to join him in his work.I have never that person.But he said he received a vision.”

YouTube video link:

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Light Key Protocol for Fluid Balance – Certified

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Activating Body’s Intelligence System

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