Would you like to be limitless?

Would you like to be limitless?

How are you doing? What are you creating in the downtime? Are you using this time to grow in freedom?

Limitless reality

I have been more and more aware of our transition from 3-dimensional reality to limitless 5D reality. In 3D everything is linear. In 5D everything is one – you are one with the source.

Now I realize that we have been preparing for this transition for the past 6 months through light key practices. All the downloads I have received so far are geared towards 5D. I am so in awe how the seemingly random downloads were actually well-designed programs to nudge us slowly towards a limitless reality.

We have now started practicing exercises to experience 5D and the actual experiences cannot actually be described in words. This is what some people said:

Today’s 5D experience in ADC can’t be experienced in words. It was really magical and what it would be like to live in that reality forever. I think most of the participants would still be in trance.
Loads of gratitude Nirmala for taking us through this magical journey and showing us a glimpse of what else is really possible!!”

It was just amazing transformation from this life to pure consciousness. I got this finally you know😍”

Today, during 5D call, I felt the presence of archangel Raphael, angles and unicorns. Journey was very amazing. Actually one can’t put the experience in the words, it has to experienced only. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’m really very grateful

To qualify for this advanced awareness development circle, you need to have attended at least 4 regular awareness development circles.

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