Would you like to be magical?

Would you like to be magical?

Everything we want is already available in the Universe. When we are truly open to receive, universe brings whatever we desire magically. Plants, animals, water, angels and many more beings are waiting to contribute to us, when we ask. Are you willing to open yourself to receive?

So much Magic happens when Nila takes us in the beautiful journeys of Awareness Development circles. Members receive gifts, keys, wands and above all profound awareness so unique to them!!!

Priti Gajare, a regular ADC member is now a medical intuitive. With her expanded awareness, she had now downloaded her own speciality course!!! What more Magic can she create?

Sanyukta Chakraborty, has got many magical gifts during these beautiful ADC journeys. One of them being so unique, she is able to repair electronics with her magical wand!!!

If you would like to be part of the upcoming Awareness Development Circle, we welcome you to join in through below link:

If you have been part of the Light Medicine series, you already know how remarkable transformations it has been creating in many lives. If you are ready for more, we have the Advance Light medicine class coming up on September 10, 2020. In this class you will learn how to tune into plant and animal kingdoms to receive contributions and insights on making holistic changes in the body & spirit.

In last ADC, Nila took the members into a beautiful journey to connect with plant and animal kingdom. She had an attunement done by Great spirit of Plant kingdom, which she is happy to roll out for everyone. It’s a recommended pre-req for the Advance light medicine call. Below is the link to purchase, if it calls you (available at intro price):

Upcoming classes:

Mastering the money equation (with Russian translation)

Light Key Frequencies for Limitless Reality Certification Course

De-constructing illnesses with Star Matrix

Light Keys for Life and Beyond – Intermediate Course V3


Joyous Body – Free group healing session!

Free Group Coaching call


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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH team