Would you like to change lives?

Would you like to change lives?

Is life going great for you?

I wanted to let you know about the new video I have done for clearing the energy behind fertility issues. This is suitable for anything you may like to create not just a baby. Here is it for you:

Just a day more of big discounts

I have been offering life changing products at a heavy introduction offer (up5o 75%) as I wanted to get the light key products out in the world. The discounts are in place for 3 months now and it is time to remove them. See what others are saying about Light Key products:

“Yestarday came a costumer who has cancer.
I used the universal kindess frequency and some of the body keys,
It was amazing. She wrote me later on that it was a very powerful session for her!”

“After a week of remote jbp my son who had flu like symptoms since over two weeks and was doing home office due to left ear being blocked and fluid build up inside ear. The doctor was considering making an incision to drain fluid, writes: Fluid build up has reduced and infection gone. Hearing will normalize in 10 days.”

I’m seeing changes in my life. Two people just asked me for a class. I don’t advertise. Just got random calls

Get these life changing products before the discounts disappear before Monday:


Opportunity to change lives

As light keys are empowering people to change their lives, we are looking for facilitators to teach these simple yet very powerful courses. If you have been practicing light keys and have a passion for teaching and healing, I personally like to invite you to attend our facilitator’s class to teach basic light key protocols next week:


In just 3 months, people have benefited immensely from these protocols. See some of the feedback:

Harshini is 17 and had severe fear of crowd, talking to people etc. Her only friends are her mom and grandma. The intensity of this fear was 10. Her mom got the protocol and asked her to try. After just one try which takes about 5 min, Harishini said the intensity came down to 6. She was motivated to try the next day and this is the feedback I got from her mom:

My daughters intensity is 0 now for fear of talking to people. She also says that she feels very happy and have gained confidence through this process. She is a very quiet person keeping to herself. Never wants to talk to people. Now when she says she gained lots of confidence, im very happy. Very grateful. Thank you so much.

“It was incredible – one abuse after the other showed up – I used the protocol and could literally feel the abuse clearing – so I basically cleared one and the next one was waiting already – very powerful – I would rate the change from an 8 down to 1 – can feel it still in my body

“Today I had a sound sleep, deep sleep. Work up early than my usual time still am feeling fresh. Never had such a deep sleep post deliveries. It was like I slept after yrs n yrs.”

As all the classes and products are at heavy discount, this would be a good time for you to complete the pre-requisites. Our teaching program is also very generous and rewarding. Other than empowering people, it also becomes a revenue stream for you. You will literally be able to get your investment back within a couple of classes you conduct.

Did you know that you can download ’50 questions to change anything magically’ ebook by referring us to 5 of your friends? Please click here to refer and download it.

What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,