Would you like to create the body as you desire?

Would you like to create the body as you desire?

How are you?
How is your body doing? Are you enjoying being in the body? Or do you feel like your body is thrusted on you? 

What if you can create the body as you desire? Would you like to know more? Here is the video:

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Gorgeous You – transcending time 

This class was received so well with instant results. See what people say:

“An amazing class – I was like WOW Wow wowww most of the class – in between massive yawns . ‘Shaving’ frequency was awesome – it was like something or someone fell off my back when I used it. Thank you Nila. What can I say – You are amazing !!PS: I have to have list of similar adjectives ready instead of repeating amazing, awesome.”

“Simply loved today s class it is that feeling of u get it when u get it the infinite being that u truly be.”

“Nila, I then asked this beautiful frequency to shave off my fat globule. As I’m running my fingers on the globule, I kid you not, I actually felt it become smaller. It’s now the size of a pea. Holy smokes!!Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I feel this tingling around my eyes..some lifting and tightening going on. Tingling in Skincare is the magic word..it means action is happening for your highest good..”

“Nila after yesterday’s class I almost expected to wake up at another point of time  feel as if I am part of space travel quite an amazing adventure. Thank you.”

If you have missed the live class, feel free to get the recording. There is a good chance that you are blown away by the shift like many others…

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