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Would you like to have friends from other realms?

Would you like to have friends from other realms?

Wonderful to connect again. I have been doing great. How about you?

How to get unstuck?

A friend of mine told me with so much frustration that she follows all the techniques meticulously to change her life but nothing is changing and asked me if psychic surgery can help. I am sure some of us have been there and some of you still have this question. One thing I have learned – Nobody outside can bring change in my life unless I choose it. I am the source of my life not the tools and techniques. My friend kept saying that she was choosing the change but the energy behind her words was “wanting” rather than choosing. What is the difference between wanting and choosing? When you choose you are empowered and there is no negative emotion there.

You just know that you are going to have it no matter what the external evidences indicate now. Wanting means lacking and brings up so much frustration and dispair. Change starts from inside. When you are in the vibraiton of what you desire, outside circumstances change automatically. Actually, when you change inside you don’t even care about the external evidences because you already have what you desire vibrationally. If you are still wanting the outside to change and looking for evidences, that clearly indicates that you are not vibrating with what you desire.

When you make something so significant, you become a slave to it. Would you be willing to let go of the attachment to that you desire? Would you stop making that bigger than you and your life? When you are in the space of being ok with having or not having what you desire, you can see the infinite choices that are available to you right away. What else is possible?

Here is a video I made for you:

Miracle Story

I thought I will share a miracle I experienced when I started as a medium. I attended a workshop one week end and the instructor took us into a meditation and asked us to find our life purpose. I did not get any straight answer but I saw some priestesses handing me over star of david in different colours. They were not of flat structure but multi dimensional – instead of triangles, they were made of 3 sided pyramids. I had not seen any such structure before. I saw them spinning in different colours and dimensions so vividly but did not understand the significance of it – neither my instructor nor anyone in the circle. Within two days I received a message in a spiritual group and without even reading the message, I opened the attachments and was awestruck by the image I saw – it was exactly what I saw in meditation. I then googled and learned that it is called mekaba, a light vehicle to transcend time and space. How does it get any better than this? While writing this, I got the awareness to set up a web class to go beyond time and space.

My team should have set it up by the time this newsletter reaches you go:

What is new?

Since the root chakra healing session on July 4th, I have so much ease and peace within me. So much awareness is pouring in.

If you like to purchase the recording, it is available in the shop now:

Gratitude was overflowing without any specific reason even before the money reiki blessing session started. We had a grand session with people joining from different countries on earth and of course from different planets 🙂 The energy was amazing and many people could sense the chakras being cleared. If you like to experience the same and receive the blessing from all the beings that joined and will join,

please feel free to purchase:


I can sense the evolution of human consciousness. Do you? When I work on people, I can see their wings… They are unique like fingerprints. There are different kinds – some look like gold laces, some are pink and fluffy… I wish I can explain the beauty of them. If you have shoulder or upper back pain, there is a good chance that your wings are ready to come out… he he… how does it get any better than this? Why am I telling you this? The boundary between earth plane and other realms is thinning. More and more people are awakening to their true nature and capacity. The session on Saturday is to remind you that you are supported all the time and you have the capacity to communicate with them.

This could be a session for you to start recognizing your own guardian angels and your team.

It only costs 3.33$. Is there any excuse not to join? Would you be willing to forward it to your friends who may be interested?

Much gratitude,

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