Would you like to have the earth as your physician?

Would you like to have the earth as your physician?

How have you been?

Just ask ‘How am I treating myself?’ and observe what are you aware of. Sometimes it’s easier to observe how you are treating others – it’s ironic that it’s a reflection of how you are treating yourself!

Are you willing to change your reality and have a harmonious relationship with others and in turn with yourself? If yes, this video will be a beautiful contribution to you. Watch, let go and choose to be limitless! Link to the video at the end.

How about giving a treat, a rejuvenation for your body?

Light key Protocol for Regenerating and Rejuvenating the body with Earth – Certified
Who better to heal your body than mother earth, who knows what it is to regenerate –  again and again in spite of everything mankind has thrown at her?

We invite you to join us in this profound class to learn a simple protocol to connect with mother earth to regenerate and rejuvenate your body.

Recently Nila posted
“I just finished the manual for ‘Regenerating and Rejuvenating the body with the Earth’ class. It has grown and still growing into a very potent healing process. I considered raising the price to 99$ from 72$ as it has grown considerably but decided to keep it as it is until the class.  You may not want to miss this class if you are looking to heal yourself or have a healing practice!”

If you are a light medicine expert practitioner, you are eligible to attend this class for free. Check- out details in the link below:

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing – Certified
A couple of shares from the last Space clearing class:

“After yesterday’s space clearing work, my home really feels uplifted, I felt more light, bright, and happier. It was funny that society secretary displayed the photos of clutter people had accumulated in common passages on floors and got all cleaned up🤓”

“I felt so relaxed and calm that I slept while she was working on it, to get up on a totally vibrant home. I could feel very light and felt energetic to do things. Home was vibrating with life all over. It even changed the behaviours of home members – I saw my in laws considered me. They saw me with new respect and spoke their heart with me. My views and opinions were given value as well. I had more fun being with them, without any sort of hinge of being judged/evaluated. I took my responsibilities with more care and joy. Also sensed a better sense of belonging with them that I hadn’t felt in last 4years.”

These shares drive home how transformational Space Clearing with Light Keys and Frequencies can be. Are you all geared up now to clear your space too?

The process can potentially change your life in unexpected ways. It raises the vibration of the space and shifts you out of chaos and into peace. Out of pressure and into freedom. Out of fear and into joy.

If you are willing to have this in your reality, we would love to have you in this class with us.

Renew, Receive, and Relax!
Wondering what we are talking about? Check out our April offers.

How are you treating yourself?

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