Would you like to melt away fat with kindness?

Would you like to melt away fat with kindness?

What if all you needed to do to lose weight was to be kind to your body and let go of all that you no longer require? What if creating a lighter body is much easier with kindness rather than judgement?

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Do you find it interesting that weight is so much beyond what you eat and amount of fat you store? What if you were looking to gain weight? Explore more with Nila in this YouTube video. Link is at the end.

Vibrant Health, Vibrant Life
If you were to add vibrancy to your health, what would get included in your life?
What would you drop off from your life?

If you have a sense of how great and amazing your life can be but are quite unable to do what is required to be done, transmissions can be a great contribution to you. They are energetic contributions that bring to your life, what has been missing in order to achieve what you desire. The Energy Transmissions from Arcturian Medical Council for Vibrant Health will have the Arcturian Light Beings work on you for you to achieve your desired health. Go here to know more

“It was intense… and my body went through kind of a detox… Thank you, it was beautiful and didn’t wanna eat for 24 hours 😅” “I love how unique the experience is with these transmissions..😇“

“An awesome experience! During Shine transmission, sensed lots of release! Its amazing how layers after layers gets released. Thank you @Nila”

Gift Yourself an Ageless Body
Can you tap your way into a body that is ageless? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method of tapping on a series of meridian points to acknowledge what is going on, how you feel about it and create what you desire.

Join Nila for an EFT workshop for Ageless Body to tap away the lies of the effects of aging to embrace the magic of your body!

“Couldn’t agree more.. I felt my abdomen muscles more toned and was getting this order to check weight again. In last 5-6 days,, body has shed another kilo. Hdigabtt? WEIP? I’m more active, I’m having lesser judgments, more in allowance, Feeling more blessed. Love the group energy for this. Thanks everyone. Hdigabtt. WEIP? What more magic can we all create?”

“I have been tired the last few days, listening to my body and resting. Only to discover that yesterday I walked over 17,000 steps….resting 😂🥰🤣” “Very informative and superb🙏🙏 Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Get the Vibrant Ageless Body at a great discount! If you haven’t clicked on any of the links above, here is what the package entails:
1. Recording of Melting Fat with Love and Kindness
2. Energy Transmission from Arcturian Medical Council for Vibrant Health
3. EFT workshop for Ageless Body

Live in a vibrant space!
Did you know that ramping up the vibe of the space you live in can invite

“Thank you Nila for the class. I went bonkers. I floated in and out of my apartment, over my complex, clearing all of this huge place altogether. I couldn’t believe it in my mind that this was happening but never the less, the awareness was strong. When we sold out place here, we wished to move out of this complex but ended up buying a place here itself. Today I got an awareness that the land required contribution from me and wished to contribute to me as well. I have been using many shamanic and energy techniques for space clearing but I must say, this sort of satiates my appetite for a complete space clearing technique! I am looking forward to doing it professionally as I had always wanted to do since a while. Gratitude”

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