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Would you like to read energy?

Would you like to read energy?

How have you been?

I wanted to share a mystical experience I had a few days back and what transpired from it. Here it is for you…

When I woke up, I was not in the best of the spirits as I had a slight gum inflammation on the left side. As I thought I have healed my gums once for all with JBP (Joyous Body Protocol), I was a bit downbeat. I heard the words ‘Light Source‘ and ‘Light Council‘ which I have not heard before.

I was feeling heavier and heavier in spite of my efforts to raise my vibration and kept asking my favourite questions to open up awareness. Practitioners were swapping JBP via Whatsapp group and I decided to ask for gifting JBP to me.

Sanju was the first one to respond and then so many people gracefully offered to run JBP on me remotely. I was going to receive while working, but 30 seconds into it, I could not sit up. I fell on my bed, felt the physical touch of Sanju and went into a deep trance.

I witnessed a light source and beings around it with wings. The light source expanded and took me on a journey. I was told that the light grid was being installed in my body and recalibration of the body was happening towards ascension. (Honestly, I have not bought into the idea of ascension yet!)

I was trying to open my eyes in between but went back into the trance again and again. I think so many people were gifting at different times and it felt like they were all helping me birthing this new information out into the world. I do not know how long I was out in that timeless travel! When I was going to wake up, I was told to do light scanning and install a light grid on bodies. There were no other specific instructions on how to do these. By now, I have learned not to try to figure it out.

My body was burning for about 12 hours and my gums got inflamed more and then vanished. The heaviness I was experiencing lifted off.

I called Sanju to explain my experience and gifted her with the first light scan and installed a light grid in her body. This is Sanju’s experience in her words:

I can’t put in words what exactly happened to me when Nila gifted me the first grid. I have become so energetic and creative. I sense energies more than before. I’m full of joy. I’m creating things which were only in my imagination.
When the process was being done, I felt a white light full of energy moving through my body. From head to feet. It was an out of the world experience. Truly, I’ve never felt like this ever in my life.
I know I’ve transformed. That’s all I can share now. Waiting for more magic to show up in my life.
Gratitude to Nila.

Since then I have installed the light grid on 5 more people and awaiting for more awareness on this. But now I have been asked to teach light scanning that helps you read the energy of the bodies. As it needs practice, I am going to introduce in the first call of the awareness development call on Feb 02nd and then facilitate the participants to practice it in the next 3 weekly calls so that they get confidence. I think this practice will lead to the development of medical intuition. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to join:

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If you have had mystical experiences, please do share it with me.

Take good care of yourself.

In appreciation of you,