Would you like to receive some pampering?

Would you like to receive some pampering?

Did you know you create your body with your choice? Is your body the way it is, or have you created it the way it has shown up? CURIOUS? Know more and explore the wonder that your body is, at the YouTube Link given at the end of this mail. Read on for unlocking choice and joy with your body

Pamper your body, unlock the magic

Join LIVE for FREE! Get an expansive group healing Joyous Body Protocol (JBP) session, led by Facilitator Suguna Sathish. JBP sessions have created magic for bodies and beings alike! Allow us to pamper you!

All you have to do is to register at the link below and join for the session at the zoom link you receive in your email. Relax and Receive!

What magic are you willing to create?

Lightness Unlimited (Time sensitive offer)

Would you like to align your body, mind and spirit to the unlimited lightness of the universe? Here is a huge bundle of products to just help you with that at about 75% discount:

1 Live call with Nila to learn a whole new way to receive from lightlogues
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All these for just 48$. Offer ends in 7 days.  Don’t miss it…  Nila has a bad habit of offering surprise gifts! Who knows… you may be the lucky one to receive!  

To unlock more lightness: https://infinitehealing.co.uk/shop/light-keys/lightness-unlimited/

Would you like a happy body?

Take a moment to become aware –  How your body is right now. What does it require? Are you listening and offering what the body requires?  Most of us are not even aware of body’s requirements. We take it for granted and then suffer the body rather than have joy with it. Join Facilitator Suguna Sathish for the most celebrated protocol of the Light Key Wellness System, the Joyous Body Protocol, fondly known as JBP. Experience the joy of having a body, with the body to live life to the fullest! You can also get Certified and create joy for your clients or loved ones. Certification is included!

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH Team