Wouldn’t you like to be rejected now?

Wouldn’t you like to be rejected now?

How have you been? Are you following my daily FB lives? Are they useful to you?

Beyond rejection

I have a question for you:

Wouldn’t you love to be rejected by Corona Virus now?

If you have had a strong resistance to rejection, it may be time for you to let go and choose freedom, right…

Rejection is not it looks like or interpreted as. What if you are not rejected by anyone but you are rejecting them? When you recognize that you are the one who has the remote, wouldn’t you change the channel?

Yes, let’s see rejection in a new light in this call:


Let’s go beyond rejection and choose freedom.

Getting ready for 5D

5D is a reality of mastery and oneness. There is no separation or limitation in 5D. I have been receiving lots of awareness on creating/contributing/preparing for 5D and have been trialing some of them with a controlled group. The feedback is awesome. See some of it below

It was like I can create my own reality in this reality

Where is the link for advanced Adc? 5d experiences are so fun💃💃”

Was totally a different experience. Didn’t have a form and I was flying around

5D is like rebirthing

I have a special awareness development circle coming up for this. However, there are pre-requisites to attend this. If you are not a light key practitioner, you should have attended at least 4 awareness development circles. My recommendation for you is to start attending the regular Awareness Development Circle so that you become eligible for this advanced circle soon:


What more magic can we create together?

Free goodies

Are you aware of the free group coaching/ healing call coming up tomorrow (31st)?:


Kids’ class is back on popular request with a brand new story:


Please feel free to share these goodies with people who may like to attend.

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What more magic can we create together?

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