You can be gorgeous right away

You can be gorgeous right away

How are you doing?

Gorgeous you call 4 due on 25th June already started 2 days in advance energetically! So much awareness is pouring in! I myself feel very touched by the questions that are being asked. They have taken me to space where I have not been so far. I can sense where I have chained myself and killed myself for others. Many ‘aha’ moments and a sense of looking at my life and body for the first time through my eyes. Such lightness and love!

If you are looking to have:

  • awareness about your body, join me tomorrow
  • lightness with your body, join me tomorrow
  • light in your life, join me tomorrow
  • like to embrace your authenticity, join me. It’s not too late

 Hey, you might feel like a whole new person from the hardest of the questions you will ask yourself tomorrow! You might feel gorgeous right away as it is purely an inside job and you may just embrace that during the call. You may like to take a picture of yourself before the call. In the after call picture, you may just see all light and lightness 🙂

I invite you with all my babyness for this call, my dear darlings:-) It’s going to be awesome!

 PS: Don’t be misguided by the description of the class. The energy has changed a lot in the past 3 calls and so, tomorrow is all about light, lightness, and authenticity!

Some more updates

1) I did attune my hubby to a very powerful new frequency and he felt the change instantly. Wondering whether to make this ridiculously powerful energy available to others who choose 🙂

2) Have 4 super awesome classes are lined up in the next 5 days – my favourite is Joyous embodiment… looking forward to :

3) Saida has facilitated 50 people in two weeks! What an awesome achievement!

4) When I was doing a private session for someone today, I received so much kindness from her Guru in the spirit! It was so awesome.

5) My team is getting better organized. Meetings that used to take 2 hours with 8 people have been trimmed down to 40 min with fewer people.

6) The universe is showing me cute little signs of what I am asking for! It’s really awesome and makes me grin wide!

7) Lightlogue for health has been released!

8) Manual for Light medicine level 1 is almost ready… I wonder how the information flows the moment I put my fingers on the keyboard. Feeling really grateful!

9) Manual for adv frequency class is updated with new info. I was reminded of missed out info in my meditation today!

 What more magic can we create together I wonder!


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