Your own portal to the universe

Your own portal to the universe

How are you?

Did you enjoy the video to release the blocks to success? Here is another one for you – my conversation with Smriti Sivdasani, Facilitator of Light key healing system. She is sharing her journey with light keys that inspires many:

Your own portal to the universe

A year back, when I was meditating I channeled some symbols and I was told that they were my own light keys. Then I channeled them for my family members and asked them to touch the paper and tell me what they felt. Invariably every one told me that they were feeling heat or tingly sensation or light pouring in from these symbols – some of them are not big fans of energy healing.

I channeled a personal light key to Smriti and this is what she wrote to me:

“I am so grateful for my choice to request Nila to channel the personal keys and book the channeling with her. I was so excited about it but had no expectations of the how and when.

When it did show up..omg..I knew right away what I was being told by those keys. It was mind blowing and it enveloped me with a sense of peace and security I have never known before. It’s like a knowing that finally became cognitive. It has given me a renewed direction. I am so so grateful for the keys. Thank you Nila.

Something in me shifted so deeply. A kind of security that I have never felt before. A coming home of sorts. Since then life has taken on an even more beautiful direction. That plus the practise of the 4 keys have steered me in a new direction.

I have found fabulous books to read stumbled upon beautiful music for me and the meditations I facilitate. Joined a Bhagavad Gita class to go deeper into the mysteries of life.

I was inspired to announce a few classes of which one online class started today with 50 plus sign-ups. And so many of them have experienced shifts on day 1 itself.

A joy flows. Life sings. The discomforts become insignificant. All of life contributes to me. I am so so grateful.

Thank you everyone for being the gift you be to me with your choices of greater. Thank you dearest Nila Nimi Nirmala Raju. So grateful for you.”

I continued to channel keys for specific contexts and they worked like a charm for me. However, the symbols started to change to doodles and then it became line drawings. They were very different and very unique every time they came through.

Recently while channeling private keys for a client, I started receiving it as a colourful art. I am one of the clumsiest persons on paper and so I was pretty surprised at how it had come through. People thought it was a painting.

Then it continued for other clients as well. Here is a feedback from the client who received this multicolored healing art:

“I did 3 finger method and meditated for 3 mins. The energy was flowing in my body with ease. Felt few things just left from my space, I cried. It was like U can create anything. Enough of love and abundance, no seek, no need, love and abundance. Start accepting and loving yourself, you are loved and protected by universe.”

Yesterday, I also did an art for lightness of body to gift to the participants of weight loss series. Following that I felt densities in my body were bursting out and my body now feels so light as a feather.

I have an awareness that these channeled arts are invitation from the universe for us to open and receive. They establish a personal connection – like a 360 degree portal – with the universe. You can receive messages and information from the universe any time you like through these arts.

I love doing these arts even though they take a lot of time. It feels like I get to hang out with the universe when I do. So, I am offering it for 40% of the price. If you like to get your own portal to connect to the universe, please feel free to book:-)

BTW, if you like to receive the art for weight loss, please sign up for the series:

See what some people say about the first call:

“If you are a facilitator… you should be on this call.

If you are asking for something greater… you should be on this call

If you wish to have your world split wide open…you should be on this call. 

If you… (whatever) You should be on this call.

I am happy and grateful  that I chose it.

You can still join in..” 

“So we had Awsome class call 1 resistance buster, we had different group energy than any other The Nila CLASS I am being one of those who are consistently following Nila’s work from Dec 19 mumbai class and group coaching classes in earlier months have been my favorites as they flow multiple ways many tools techniques like Pav bhaji lot of ingredients contributing to tasty outcome however this call was way beyond all that, lot of new energies, techniques, one can apply to anything not just relevant to weight loss. You can still join the full series if you are brave to see the truth, today when I was writing my answers I was like do I have so much to release even after so many years work I have done on myself and guess what I actually did release except 0.5 portion So who all want to join this adventure?”

“If you are in perfect shape and u don’t need to loose weight you should join to see what else can u change about your body and being”

“My intensity was 10 and it came down to 0. It was too intense for me, am feeling much lighter than ever felt in last 12yrs. Thank you so much Nila di”

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