Your passport to sex and intimacy?

Your passport to sex and intimacy?

Do you feel like you have no choice? What capacities have you not acknowledged?

What if you could be an invitation for possibilities by willing to be sexual? What if you could create your business, marriage, children, your life, simply by embracing and acknowledging your sexualness? Watch this beautiful, expansive facilitation by Nila to move into choice with ‘sex’.
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If you would like to step up and upgrade your life by willing to be sexual, join Nila for ‘Light Key Protocol for Embracing Sex and Possibilities’ LIVE by Nila as she blows off all the static around sex so you can freely experience this beautiful energy of creation.

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Do you wish to unlock the magic of your body?
Did you know that bodies are magical. They are super advanced, intelligent entities that house us beings. Quantum leap your consciousness with bodies with Joyous Body protocol – Level 2.

JBP Level 2 has processes like JBP Grid, Quantum JBP, Anti Aging with JBP, Spinal release and Joy immersion process, and embracing sexual prowess of the body.

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This is an advanced class. If you are just beginning with your light keys journey and would love to practice these techniques, hop on with one of the most celebrated Light Key Protocols, the Joyous Body Protocol with Facilitator Winnie Bajaria.

Disease free bodies are a thing of the past! If you are looking to create joy and vibrancy with your bodies and life, jet set go with JBP.

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Wishing you a Happy Body and a Happy Life!

Speaking of which, watch out for the Advanced Light Key Protocol for Intimacy.

Does Intimacy include someone else for you? Is it how you relate to a certain someone?

What if we told you that intimacy was all about how you choose to receive life? What if you became intimate with life such that you became life itself by dropping all judgements about intimacy?

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Here is a share from this beautiful class:
“A 44 yr old woman was unable to conceive naturally, so she opted for IVF procedure. She started the process but some or the other issue would come up. I did intimacy protocol and some other work with her. The procedure got started but it was left in between due to lock down. In the last month of 2020, she started the procedure all over again but the doctor said it’s impossible to transplant the embryo as there are four channels taking the blood to the uterus and minimum of three channels are required to have blood for the transplant and she had blood going only into one channel. She waited for 2 to 3 months and then contacted me. We did instant relief protocol and pain relief protocol for 3-4 sessions and followed the awareness that it brought up. In 5 weeks time, she had blood flowing in 3 channels. She got the transplant done and today her pregnancy test is positive. So Grateful Nila for all that you hv taught and brought into this world 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

YouTube Link – Is Sex a Possibility or Limitation to you?

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