❤️ Prerequisite

One needs to have completed the Light Keys Basic Blueprint Course in order to explore the intermediate course.

❤️ Course content

How is your experience with Light Keys? What did change for you as you started practicing Light Keys? Have you started getting sense of being more in charge of your life after using basic Light Keys? Light Key courses offer you that sense of responsibility, knowing and empowerment to create your own life.

❤️We invite you to explore into more lightness with next set of Light Keys as part of Intermediate class such as:
  • Prosperity Key
  • Life Key
  • Health Key
  • Fame Key
  • Expansion Key
  • Mastery and Kindness Process
  • Experiencing the keys
  • Love Keys
  • A variation of prosperity key
  • Light Key experience to remove stuck energy within body/organs
❤️ Benefits
  • More ease in day today life in specific areas of life
  • Increased clarity
  • Ease with finances
  • Being and receiving kindness
  • Feeling of expansion and ease
  • An increase in awareness that in turn help with day to day living

And so much more…

❤️ Testimonials

“Good morning Nila … I am very grateful to you for bringing these Light Keys / frequencies in our life. ??? Also practiced mastery and kindness process and felt amazingly blissful … I have no words to Thankyou ??.I am feeling so so light … I have no words really !!!”

❤️ What next?

You can either buy self-study course from the shop (by clicking the link below) or find a facilitator near you for an in-person class.

So, do you feel ready to take your Light Keys practice to the next level?

For further queries feel free to write to team@infinitehealing.co.uk