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21 games to Prosperity

21 games to Prosperity



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Have you seen the free video – ‘Prosperity through playfulness’ (
Nila shared how she manifested her dream home with rare Mangnolia tree and more things – just through playfulness. Many techniques were shared on how to create prosperity by having fun, playful activities.Well, that was just a glimpse of effortless manifestation.
If you liked it, we invite you to learn 21 fun games to move into the vibrations of limitless prosperity and abundance. You will learn to demand from the Universe just like a baby, with ease and joy, along with increasing your prosperity consciousness and actualising your desires.
This will empower you to create more prosperity, become more confident in your ability to create your life, attract happier outcomes easily and quickly and much more.

💖A lovely feedback:

“Prosperity with babyness was a fun class. Playing the 21 games changed the vibration. Expanded my receiving. Class got over around 10.30 pm IST. Around midnight got 2 people signing up for my light keys class this morning. Both wish to get rid of their unhealthy attachments. Not an outcome of one of the games is it???? 😉😁,54 plus sign ups thus far for the light keys intro coming upon 11th.Thanks Nila for the fun class”

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