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About Mastering the money equation

This product is created from the class conducted on 18th Sep 2020.

Did you know each one of us have our own money story? This is the story of our relationship with money. Have you wondered what really is your money story? When you think of money – do you have a sense of fear, worry, frustration or freedom, sense of belonging, relation?

Some of us are unaware of the relationship we have with money. Unconsciously we try to avoid looking into it. We believe by ignoring it, we can make the ‘money-problem’ go away! Has this worked for you so far? Would you like to acknowledge your money-story and tell a different money story - there by enjoy receiving, having and playing with money?

  • How do I create more money?
  • How to develop more revenue streams?
  • What do I do to create passive income?
  • How do I multiply the money I have?
  • How do I safeguard my money?
  • How to gain financial independence?

Are these some of the questions you are asking? Are you asking for more guidance, clarity and awareness on dealing with money?

In this call, Nila leads you to explore how you can master the money equation, energetically. Money is energy, an element in the universe just like you and as an infinite being, there is nothing you can’t be or do. What if you can be a magician with money transforming and transmuting the energy, as you please?

Apart from releasing unawareness and unconsciousness around money, you will also learn techniques to gain awareness and develop mastery with practice, in this call.

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