**2 Days Left**Huge Discount of Life Transformations

**2 Days Left**Huge Discount of Life Transformations

Ends in 2 days!!!

The Fantabulous Offer on Private Sessions will end on the 7th December. Missed them?

Here are they, again:

An exclusive 12% off on 30 minute session and 21% off on 3 30 minute sessions with Nila!

Have you ever been on a one on one with her? She spins magic and weaves it in your life effortlessly as you make empowered choices!

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Kids get it easier!

They get a whopping 50 % off on a single 20 minute session and 60% off on 3 x 20 minute sessions!

Are you excited to see your kid rub the magic lamp with Nila and unlock their inner genie?

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“I told my Mama to ask Nila aunty to do healing for my cough which was irritating me since a month. My mom booked a session. At first I felt nervous but it was so nice. I felt very very good after the session. She did some healing on me.
Mom’s share: It’s so amazing how we treat kids as ‘kids’ but they are so aware. Thankyou Nila for these sessions for kids ?”

Pamper your body with this month’s free JBP Group Healing session with Tamanna Goplani. Tamanna is an expert Healer and Facilitator of the Light Key Wellness System.

Go here to know more about Joyous Body Protocol (JBP) and to sign up for the free healing.

“I am lucky to be able to gift and receive many healing modalities, including most recently Nila’s work. Yesterday, I was swapping healing processes with a friend, and after receiving a session, I sat up from lying on the massage table. This might not sound much, however, I usually have to consider carefully turning onto my side and sitting up from there.  Just going from being flat on my back to sitting was quite a surprise. I cannot say for certain how I got to that ability, the JBP classes, the free jbp session with Mamta Gwalani Tamanna Goplani on zoom which had been playing, and the other parts of the work I have been learning, will all have contributed hugely. So grateful.”

Body Labs Inc

This is your very own chemistry magical alchemy lab. Just like every chemical reaction is unique and has a specific result, your body is constantly being created by all the chemical reactions going on right now. Allow the Arcturian Light Beings to alchemize your body to churn out magic.

Sign up to receive this transmission from Nila.

“I just got up from a 2 hour sleep! This is a powerful transmission from Nila – thank you Nila ? I am super excited for me and my body as we adjust and recalibrate to this new vibration ?”

“I felt energy moving through both my hands throughout the call and for about 10 mins after it, the call was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep during the call. Thank you so much ???❤️”

“I just saw it now and I’m having lot of sensations in my body. Left side of my body ( head to shoulder is having intensity). Then I felt lot of things shedding inside my body. It was a trance like feeling.”

Does your life feel like an uphill climb?

The only difference between a struggle and a challenge is the amount of resistance you have for the situation. When you are in a state of flow, you are naturally led to the next steps which beautifully create the life you desire.

Advanced Light Matrix Commands rearrange the deep seated structures that keep you stuck in any aspect of life. Sign up for ‘From Struggle to Flow with Advanced Light Matrix Commands’ to get into the magical flow state.

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“Yesterday’s ADC was simply beautiful. I saw a lion and heard seraphim. Turns out there are lion angels called seraphims. Since I woke up this morning, I have been feeling more ‘in my feet’. Something has definitely changed. I’m less scared, less defensive, less seeking of approval, harmony, or whatever!”

“I attended the ADC call with Nila yesterday. I must say it was really out of this world. The best part was it was so much fun too. The meditation was very powerful and the games truly amazing. To answer your question Nila,  would love to continue on this journey with your guidance . Thankyou so much ???”

“I have lost words to describe the ADC calls.Today was another great call. So loving and nurturing. So much we received from all the elements of the light keys, the planet, the universe and beyond these….Came back with light and lightness. I truly understand what it means, now. My back pain went away by the healing I received.I’ve stopped wondering how a meditation can contribute so much physically too.Gratitude for teaching us this.Nila.. ??”

Do you create life consciously?

Is your life your creation? Has it shown up the way you like it?

Creating consciously builds a life that resonates with your soul’s purpose. Else, it feels like an endless pursuit of happiness. Get to know what you are creating and go ahead and do it!

Psst… As an added icing on the cake, you can use it to create fame, fortune and stardom in your life! What if living like a star was simply a matter of choice?!

Sign up for the twin class ‘Light Key Protocol for Conscious Manifestation’ and ‘Manifesting Fame, Fortune and Stardom’

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“Yesterday was my first day drawing the fame key. I went out for a walk last night and I was Wearing a sweatshirt with the logo for the beautiful company I work for and shop I run. I was stopped by a customer who asked me about our hours. This evening I went by the store 5 phone calls and two text messages. Even though my store isn’t really open I’m still doing some business.? hdigabtt weip?”

“last night a friend from access finally confirmed a meeting that she was postponing for few months. I was like are you sure? She said swap is just an excuse. I want to meet you for motivation so that i start off with what i am thinking of doing for ages. I was like AWH!! That is annopen recognition for my contribution!!! ☺Universe more of this please! I don’t know whom to blam……life key or fame.Heee heee HDIGABTT, WEIP”

“Thank you for this protocol..gratitudeIt is a nice protocol ,Thank you Nila Thankful and greatful dear Nila for this Amazing and wonderful protocol, and for such amazing light ladies that brought this to us… “

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