Are you joining us for a complimentary psychic reading?

Are you joining us for a complimentary psychic reading?

Our Awareness Development Circle participants are doing free psychic and intuitive readings tomorrow. You simply have to hop on and ask your question. You never know what the light beings or loved ones who have passed over, have to say to you. The previous session was full of fun, insightful readings and soulful life transforming messages.

“Awesome awesome.. must do such kind of sessions .. so much receiving.. Thank you everyone 🙏🏻🙏🏻♥️”

“Thank you so much for this amazing session. Nila thank you for your guidance … just what I needed to hear”

“I was watching Kaun banega crorepati now. I used ADC technique and was getting all answers correct 😃😃.
If I had been on the hot seat, I would hv won 50 lacs 😀😀
Well cognitively, I had never heard of the questions, forget knowing about the answers”

Topic: ADC – Reading
Date: 09/30/2022
Time: 10:30 AM EDT / 3:30 PM BST / 5:30 PM Israel / 8.00 PM India / 12:30 AM AET (Next Day)

Please join using this link:
Meeting ID: 895 3285 4091
Passcode: 842356

Can’t wait to be one of these intuits? Hop on to the October Awareness Development Circle – Angels. Each ADC is full of exercise to hone your psychic and mediumship abilities, journeys to magical realms for profound healing and insight and so much more.

Reserve your spot now to avoid disappointment.

Can going clutter free bring you clarity?

Did you know that your physical space is a reflection of your inner space? Looking around you can bring a lot of insight into what is going on with you. Can clutter indicate that you might need to sort stuff and bring clarity? Or that cleaning windows might help you ‘see’ things clearly?

Join the Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing with Nila.

The best thing about this protocol is that you need not be present in the physical space. You can clear out any space in any part of the world energetically. And by spaces, we mean not just homes and offices, but bodies, and energetic bodies like businesses, bank accounts, etc too.

Sign up now!

“After yesterday’s space clearing work, my home really feels uplifted, I felt more light, bright and happier. It was funny that society secretary displayed the photos of clutter people had accumulated in common passages on floors and got all cleaned up🤓”

“my kitchen had gone long term non-operational few months back in a pathetic painful way…. I had shared with my one or two Light key friends 3 sessions of Space Clearing & practiscing Forgiveness did the Magic for me 🙏🏻💫
Loads of Gratitude to Nila 🙏🏻🧚‍♂️💕💕”

Not yet ready to learn but would love to experience it for your home? Write to us at to get details about space clearing session by Nila or a facilitator.

Energy Transmissions – Why choose them?

Energy transmissions are a great way vibe up your life. They are energetic contributions from beings of light to bring to your life a certain energy that can contribute to your growth and well – being. You need not believe in them or know how they work. You only need to receive them. That is the best part – they bypass the mind and nurture your being.

Receive the Energy Transmission from Arcturian Medical Council for Vibrant Healthto bring to your life, everything that can contribute to keep you healthy and allow your life to be vibrant!

Look out (on the event page) for the Vibrant Ageless Body 3 in 1 package, that includes this call, at a steal deal of 60$ only (full price 111$).

“An awesome experience! During Shine transmission, sensed lots of release! Its amazing how layers after layers gets released. Thank you @Nila”

“Transmissions so very amazing, totally unbelievable! In Navratras I bought Shakti, Mahalaxami and Saraswati transmission. When I ran Shakti transmission I literally felt Shiva and Shakti in me! My right half was Ma Shakti and left half was lord Shiva! I was in aaawww for soooo loooong did it really happen! Then second time I was like let me do it again with all the directions – I felt Ma Durga! Again left in ooomg! Now I just simply listen it, love it and enjoy it. In deep deep deep gratitude to you Nila “

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