Are you willing to employ the universe?

Are you willing to employ the universe?

Hope you remember me 🙂

It’s nearly a year since I wrote to you. Hope you are being a magician in your own life 🙂

I have been doing well both in terms of prosperity and personal peace. Did I tell you that I have moved to USA temporarily? That was one of the coolest thing I created in 2018. I have talked about the tools I have used to expand my life in my interview with Naarmada Akshat Pratap:

Miracle diary

Well, there have been too many miracles to write here but share the recent one. Every month I make about 60 payments from my business account towards individuals and companies towards the work they do for my business. Last month I was traveling a lot and found that one payment was returned lack of FX variation and requested the supplier to wait until my travel was over. They are normally very graceful and this time they requested for the payment in the middle of my travel when I was in UK. This required some additional effort for me and I chose to do it.

This time, I could not log into the bank and after getting on to a call with support, I learnt that my debit card had been replaced and the old card I used to make payment had been closed. In all my travels, I had missed this new card and if I had not known on that day, I would have travelled to US without the card and been in a very difficult situation of not being able to pay my resources on time.

I could not believe how universe conspired to make everything work so smoothly! Amazing, isn’t it? Have you asked universe to be your employee?

Tool kit

I have been asking the great grand universe to be of service to me whenever required – like my HR manager for recruitment, my operations manager for project success, dentist for my gum issues etc. You know what it works miraculously.

When I asked the universe to be my Business Development manager, I got a new client on the same day which is a huge deal. Give it a try, what are you going to lose?

I picked up this idea from a clearing from Simone Milas. Simone is a great facilitator. Feel free to find her on the web and listen to her, when you find time.

New prosperity code

Most of you might be aware of the access consciousness clearing I have recorded for winning lottery. If not, you can find it on you tube and also on soundcloud. This was one of the feedbacks on this:

//TRUE STORY!!! I ran this clearing yesterday Morning, later in the afternoon, I went to the store to pick up a few items, at the counter I saw the lotto scratchers, so I thought I cant win money if I don’t Play the lotto. So I bought a ticket Won $40. Got excited, Bought 3 more tickets and won $500.00. I’ve never won like this before.  THANK YOU NILA!!!!!//

I purchased a lotto ticket after nearly 4-5 months and blessed it with a new prosperity code that came to my awareness and told the universe that if I win anything at all, it is a sign to take the code to the ones who are choosing prosperity. Got a tiny win from the ticket 🙂 Universe is totally kind 🙂

As a token of gratitude, I would like to offer this blessings to whoever chooses it at a token exchange of anything from 3.33$. If you choose, please use the paypal link given below and add the note ‘prosperity blessing’:

I am going to develop this into a course to teach how to attune others to this code. Hope it does not take another year 🙂

More resources

I have done more audios and videos in the last one year with tools and techniques. Feel free to subscribe to my youtube and soundcloud:

Sometimes I offer free sessions on FB:

Soundcloud Tracks

What more magic can we create together?

Until next time, keep smiling… :-)))))