Audio download for healing your inner child

Audio download for healing your inner child

How are you all? Thank you for asking for more through emails and phone calls that brought me out of my hibernation. How does it get any better than this? To make up for my long absence, I have an additional gift for you. Read it until the end, ok?

Way out of frustration

I know some of you have been really frustrated that you keep falling into the pit and/or nothing is changing for you in spite of meticulously applying some of the tools you have learned. My question for you is: ‘What do you so love about that thing which is not changing?’

If you acknowledged that you, as the master of your life, created that thing, then who/what else other than you can uncreate it? If you are feeling powerless to change it, ask yourself at what age you made that conclusion. Go back to that and clear all the oaths, vows, commitments, conclusions, decisions, judgements, computations you made about you at that point.

Inner child work has been very powerful in my experience. Sometimes I am awestruck how just healing one memory shifts a huge tumbling block. I have created a short audio for you to play with your inner child:

If you like to go deeper, please feel free to book a private appointment:

Heal your money worries

I used to be afraid of money, had a glass ceiling and even thought that desiring money is not so spiritual. Money reiki gave me my first breakthrough in healing my beliefs and then Access Consciousness took me to the next level of harmony with money. It is really magical how my financial reality changed all together.

I am going to be doing weekly group blessing for money every Saturday for 4.4$ – only for the next few weeks. Please feel free to sign up, if you like to change the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck from creating your desired financial reality:

By signing up, you are also helping to change the limitations on the planet. What magic of abundance can we create together?

There are other products in the shop to create more harmony in your life:

Ohhh…. forgot to tell you. My website has been redesigned. Please let me know if you like it.

We are offering 33% discount for one month on all the products to celebrate the new site launch. Here is the code: JOY33 (expires on April 28th, 2016)

Enjoy dearies 🙂

Until next time, I remain in gratitude for you