Can Star Glow Facial bring you stardom?

Can Star Glow Facial bring you stardom?

This is Nila. How have you been? Ready to shine bright in 2023?

I am!

As a preparation step, I had a star glow facial session with Deepa Damodaran. While she was running the session, I started downloading more info to be added to the protocol. That’s not it! Since I had the session, I have been interviewed by 3 podcasters within a week. In the whole of last year, I had 2 interviews! Well, does it have anything to do with embracing the stardom in the protocol? I say yes!

SGF is not just about glowing face but to shine your light unapologetically. This gives you such a freedom to be you with ease and grace!

The upcoming Star Glow Facial class on 12th is going to have an updated manual with new information. This is an advanced protocol and has pre-requisites. Check out the details:

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Would you exponentialize receiving?

Have you been living the joy of having a body or have you been suffering your body?

Joyous Body Protocol is a simple procedure to release the unconsciousness stored in the body and help you open up to receiving infinite riches of the universe. It’s much more than a healing tool.

Check out the class with Winnie on 13th Jan 2023:

“I got a throat pain with intensity 8 suddenly and if it was my old self I wld have got high fever and then 3 4 days of antibiotics.. But the new me with powerful JBP, I jst casually drew the kindness and master keys on my left tonsil, right tonsil and mid bone and voila.. within seconds the intensity was 1!!!!! Like nothing happened 5 mins back..Gratitude Nila”

“My mother in law has intestinal obstruction. There is no cure but to operate on but the doctors are refusing to touch her as she is frail and is 89 years old. So she usually has stiffness in her stomach after eating. As she feels that I start a JBP on her and it hardly takes 2 min for her to settle down🙏🙏🙏  Thank you Nila for this awesome awesome protocol ❤️❤️🙏🙏”

“JBP Magic keeps rocking✨.My father in law was having tooth pain since past 3 days, taking pain killers daily night, last night he was open to receive healing, I did JBP, he didn’t took medicine and next morning he said pain is completely gone, so greatful😇🙏✨”

Upgrade your receiving

If you are already a fan of JBP, then you can expand your possibilities with Joyous Body Level 1 class with Smriti. In this class you will learn the following:

  • JBP to turbocharge your immune system.
  • First aid JBP.
  • JBP enhanced with frequencies & vortices.
  • Bringing in the contribution from the divine and earth with JBP.
  • Exponentializing JBP with Vortex of light.
  • Using Lightlogues to enhance JBP.

Register here:

If you are a repeater, you are eligible for 50% discount. Please use this coupon: JBPL1RPTJAN

Be present and be powerful

Present moment is where you can create your life. Join Suguna to learn a simple protocol to be aggressively present in your life and create beyond the limited mind.

Register here:

 “My life is different today than it was yesterday. It is quieter, less painful in my body with more awareness and gratitude 💕💕💕”

“Thank you so much Suguna for such a wonderful session. Much love and gratitude..”

“This morning got up energetic and less body pain. Normally i feel so much pain every morning but now i feel much better.Thank you”

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