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Clearing the energy blocks with Light key protocol

Clearing the energy blocks with Light key protocol

How are you? As you can see, I have really been busy with calls and classes. Good to be busy – especially by doing what we love to do.

I recently downloaded a Ligjt Key protocol for clearing energy blocks. I trailed it with some volunteers and the feedback was amazing. Harshini is 17 and had severe fear of crowd, talking to people etc. Her only friends are her mom and grandma. The intensity of this fear was 10. Her mom got the protocol and asked her to try. After just one try which takes about 5 min, Harishini said the intensity came down to 6. She was motivated to try the next day and this is the feedback I got from her mom:

“My daughters intensity is 0 now for fear of talking to people. She also says that she feels very happy and have gained confidence through this process. She is a very quiet person keeping to herself. Never wants to talk to people. Now when she says she gained lots of confidence, im very happy. Very grateful. Thank you so much.”

Well, I was very touched while reading this and I decided to roll it out to everyone for which I am super grateful to Harishini.

“The first time it went from 8 to 6. Then I did it after and I felt it coming down to a 2. It was quite easy and effective. I felt a shift in all the items of that chart improving or decreasing by a point or 2 Thanks, Nila!!” – Logeswari

The good thing is that you do not need an expensive private session to recover from trauma or abuse. You can learn a simple self-help protocol and free yourself at any time. The effect is so great that the intensity goes from 10 to 0 in about 5-7 min for most people. If you are not ready to be free, please do not join this call:

You can attend this call live for free. As the digital meeting platform can only hold limited numbers, it will be on first come first serve basis. So, Show up early, if you like to get in. I will also be answering Q & A about Light Keys Healing system.

Please feel free to register and pass it on:

More goodies are also coming your way – Golden Earth Blessing for Prosperity and Vitality will be availa for free very soon.

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,