Connecting to Light Beings

Connecting to Light Beings

A long time ago, I went to a medium out of sheer frustration in everything about life. His reading was not only mind blowing but also hilarious because he told me that I would become a medium. I could not laugh at him for saying that but I certainly laughed to myself

But you know what – till now, I cannot figure out how it happened but I started training as a medium within a month and that journey has been so rewarding.

There have been many interesting experiences and I can perhaps, share a few here. (names changed to protect privacy).

Rob was going through a hard time at work – especially with his manager. I got a message from his mom that his boss was going to be moved and he will take that place. Besides, the project was going to grow bigger and it will be turning point in his career. When I told this to him, he did not believe me at all. He said his manager’s position was so solid and the prediction could never come true. But within 10 days, he called me in excitement and told me his boss was fired and he got the position. In the longer run he also recognized that the project was a turning point in his career.

Vivie was unable to get out of her father’s loss. She was mourning for more than a year neglecting her own family. I gave her a reading from her father and he was spot on with the details about her daily life. Vivie was so thrilled that her father who thought was no more was able to communicate with her about her current life. She was convinced that he was around and moved on.

When Betty spoke to me, I saw her pregnant in my vision. I asked her if she was pregnant. She told me that they were trying for a second baby but doctors have said it is impossible to conceive because of her health issues. I told them that a child is definitely on the cards and it is not too far away. Within 3 months she conceived her second child. The Baby, Jane, used to try so speak to me jibberish whenever she saw me. Till date, we share such a special connection.

I feel very privileged When,

I can sense my son who is in the spirit,

I see families finally moving on after hearing from their loved ones in spirit,

People forgive themselves when they hear that they did their best to their loved ones,

Beings let me know they have chosen their parents to come here,

I can show the light to the beings who are confused when they pass on,

Babies jump in joy in recognition when they see me,

People gain clarity from the wisdom from other side,

The predictions come true,

People receive healing from the spirit,

I am taken on astral travel,

I am able to show the clients at the timelines they are stuck in and help them free themselves.

But above all these external gratification, the perspective & experiences my mediumship training has given me about life is invaluable. I used to be terrified of death and had existential anxiety. After seeing so much evidence from the other side, I am so convinced that we don’t perish; we just change frequency. No more fear of death or existence.

When beings of higher consciousness come through, the bliss I have experienced cannot just be explained in words – even if I do, you can’t understand it; You can only experience it.

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