Get the Magical Universe Work for You

Get the Magical Universe Work for You

What secrets you have been harboring; from the world and yourself?

Have you kept yourself in the ‘dark’ about something you aren’t comfortable with, maybe, your shadow self? Or, you have kept yourself as the hidden, world’s best kept secret!

Or, you have a secret that you shield from the world! Someone or something you do not like but cannot be vocal about it. A secret you do not want anyone to know!

Sense the energy you invest in order to keep all this stuff hidden, because you have a judgement about it! You may not find it appropriate to show up unabashedly. You might have a judgement about yourself and your secret might be ‘bad’.

How about freeing up this energy whilst protecting your secret!?

You could use up all this energy to create great wealth!

Join Nila for ‘Transmuting Your Darkest Secrets into Wealth Generating Possibilities’

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“Magic 🎉 I received electricity payment that was due from my tenant from 2 months hdigsl? Weip?I will have more money universe bring it on…. Thank you universe and thank u all for your contribution”

“Thank you Nila … it has been an awesome journey… feeling abundance all around me … in every area of my life … feeling a sense of financial abundance as well as happiness in everything… thank you so much.”

“Something releasing from my feet feeling so light, Thank you so much for giving so many easy tools to heal our body n to choose abundance in every area of our life 🙏🏻”

This call can be bought along with its pre requisite ‘Light Matrix Transmutation Grid – A Magical Tool for Life Changing Possibilities and 2 other upcoming live calls at a discount.

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Also get the bonus call recording – ‘Transmuting Density and Intensity into Gold, Diamond and Wealth’ with this package!

“8 to 1 for me, it all started 3 days back, I was overwelhed with a family issue… and I was constantly being dragged.. and today I felt conflicted.. splited into two.. and now its feeling much lighter… thank you again and again”

“My laptop was acting funny from past few days and just in few seconds its working perfectly… thank you so much nila maam you are just amazing”

“Thankyou very much nila. I am a devotee of Mother Mira. I feel she has sent you to me. Thank you so much Nila 🙏🏻”

❤️Some Tender Loving Care for your body!

How do you pamper your body? Your 24/7 home?

How about some physical upgrade?

Would you like to learn a simple practice that allows your body to generate tissue? And we don’t mean fat here! 😉

We are talking about collagen, hyaluronic acid, gums,hair and the like.

Join Facilitator Suguna Sathish for Light Protocol for Glow and Grow.

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“Glow and grow protocol is a real magic…repairing everything…considerably less hair fall today..done on scalp yesterday…awesome repair properties”

“I Highly Recommend the Glow & Grow Protocol… I and Dear @Sharda Maganti had done this Class together under our Dear Magical Suguna 🙏🏻 I swear my long long Dental issues of developing Cysts in Jaws of inflammed & RTC done teeths got resolved & reached to minimilistic 🙏🏻Thankyou @Nila ♥️”

“I did the grow and glow and pain on my friend yesterday..she just re broke her foot for a second time recently..and hasn’t been able to exercise. She could not even get her tennis shoe in that foot.She woke up this morning and walked 3 miles with her friend pain free..she was just blown away.Hdigabtt???”

❤️A Calm Focused Centered Mind

Does the proverbial ‘To be or not to be’ describe your dilemma? Or do you have a conflict with some one?

Any conflict – within or without can pull you in 2 directions simultaneously and keep you stuck. Imagine 2 people tugging at someone’s arms at the same time.

These conflicts were probably born way years ago, childhood even! A tiny conflict that doesn’t resolve can snowball into a significant one over the years.

The Conflict Resolution Protocol can bring significant inner child healing and a sense of ease and peace in all areas of life.

Think of Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met. This is a male protagonist of a popular Bollywood movie who is at loggerheads with his mother that threatens to ruin his personal life and business as well. Once he lets go of the conflict, he moves on and creates at a breakneck speed.

Join the magical bandwagon with Suguna Sathish.

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“Conflict resolution is amazing… it really saved me today, when I had sadly to say goodbye to a beloved being… 🙌🙌🙌”

“Releasing conflict with ease , fun and laughter. What a contributive class.The protocol is so easy to use, and does bring in profound shifts .”

“I sense this is going to be big…… can help in every situation that we want to change. Situations which seemingly don’t look conflictual do have an underlying conflict playing to create it at first place or hold it in place. Glad I have chosen it…”

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