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**Gift** Grace Blessings for Ease and Flow

**Gift** Grace Blessings for Ease and Flow

The world flows in grace. Grace can touch your heart, fill it with gratitude by easing your struggles and melting your difficulties away.

Blessings are energy transmissions from a higher plane that raise your vibrations. Be blessed by Nila in this beautiful video where she channels a blessing for effortless living with grace. Link is given at the end.

Magical you

The Magical You offering was very well received. The blessings created magical openings for people. Unexpected money, business opportunities and gifts showed up for the group. A share about the blessings:

“Miracle happened I received 1 lakh rupees as a gift from my son today after  your 3rd blessings . Thank you Nila for all the blessings. ❤️🙏🌼”

Nila is offering yet another magical attunement, blessings and a bonus audio – all at a special price till 31st October only – Magic and Miracles

Merlin’s Magic Group Attunement

Merlin represents magical and prophetic abilities. Nila has received an awareness that will enable her to attune people to the magical powers of Merlin.

It will enable people to bring their own magic alive! ‘Supernatural’ is now the new normal with magical attunements and blessings

A few shares from the attunements:

“Thanku Nila for d wonderful Attunement. I was very much tuned into the vibration and suddenly my hand were trembling. I could feel my whole body and head spin and something was being pulled out from my body and finally I felt so blissful and light am feeling like flying high up in the sky…feeling of freedom. What an amazing experience. Luv u Nila. Gratitude nd Waves of Love to u dear🥰🥰”

“It was like suddenly all the bulbs in a huge stadium were turned on and I was right there in the centre.Energy going up the spine and my forehead was burning…🙏🙏thank you so much Nila fir this beautiful experience🙏🙏💝💝”

369 Grace Blessings

369 is the key to the Universe. Get ready to receive blessings to dissolve all blocks and unconscious resistance to flow in life with these magical blessings on the 3rd, 6th, and 9th of November to connect with the Universal Force.

Grounding meditation to dissolve inflammation & infection and receive nutrients

Grounding has showed beneficial health effects including healing inflammation and releasing infections. This bonus audio will help you on your journey to receive and release what is required by your body from the earth.

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Manifest Your Desires

Rapid Response Protocol is an advanced self-help protocol using the Light Key Frequencies and Vortices of all that is available in the Universe to create swift, rapid shifts in the body and being. It is like getting a constant upgrade till you maintain a high vibration state and expand further.

Practitioners have used this protocol to expand their finances, lose weight and achieve better health. It is simple yet powerful! It has pre requisites that you might want to complete and jump on to this wonderful class.

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