Quick Fix Protocol may not be for you

Quick Fix Protocol may not be for you

How have you been?

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Quick fix suits you?

On Friday night, I was feeling a little ‘icky’ and was using some light key processes and a new protocol came through as if by magic. When I used it on myself, within 5 minutes, the heaviness changed from intensity 6/10 to zero and I could not stop grinning. It had such ease and humour in it.Being a skeptic, I used it on my overworking hubby and his work stress went from 5 to zero in two minutes – really.

I used it on a client in a private session and she could not believe the outcome. She repeatedly said, “Life is this simple, right?”

Then I used it on my allergic reaction. My breathing became full from 3/10 in under 5 minutes.

Universe is kind and has all the resources we require. This protocol simply helps you tap into the elements of the universe that can contribute to us in a very simple and hilarious way.

The thing is I just can’t hold such information secret. I got to let it out to as many people as possible. So, I have set up a class on June 1st.

This class is NOT for the people

Who wants to work hard
Who does not want ease
Who value complication
Who loves to have it difficult

because they will be very disappointed with the outcome and the class. If you are somone who likes to embrace ease, grace and humour, join us!

Let’s start June with a bang! What if this is something the world requires right now?!

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,