Secret Santa Gift Inside – Plus 11% off

Secret Santa Gift Inside – Plus 11% off

Secret Santa is visiting the Light Key Mastery Group in Facebook. Go here to know about the game! Comment, Tag your friends and share to be eligible for a gift and a jackpot!

There is more joy coming your way this holiday season!

We are so happy to announce a site wide 11% off! Yes, you get a 11 percent off on all products and services! It is time to get rich and lucky, because richness and prosperity are not about money. It is about the ability to enjoy your life to the fullest. Richness is the vibrancy of your experience that creates more of it.

No matter where you are, how much you have, what you do…

It is possible to experience the richness of living without needing anything. And, in that experience, the grandest version of your life can show up. And it does not have to be hard work!

❤️21 Games to Prosperity

The road to richness is filled with fun! Play fun games and create what you desire!

It can be as simple and easy as that. This is a class with a workbook.

Get back to creating fun and make life a child’s play.

Go here to know more

“I am in so much of gratitude to Nila for these wonderful gifts which I have received from her today… My third eye is ting-a-ling crazily and my whole body is full of light and energy…I am super excited about this new beginning in my life and gratitude to universe everything…”

“Today I asked for a magical gift. Gift from nowhere. I have 2 sons. Both of them are interested n are professional cameraman for films. I buy them these cameras n lenses. Yesterday my elder son wanted n I paid for his new camera. Today when Smriti said ask. I asked this magical gift from nowhere. Guess what he started enquiries from Delhi n Gurgaon. What else can I ask for as a gift from nowhere. Yay thank you universe. In total gratitude. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

“Prosperity with babyness was a fun class. Playing the 21 games changed the vibration. Expanded my receiving. Class got over around 10.30 pm IST. Around midnight got 2 people signing up for my light keys class this morning. Both wish to get rid of their unhealthy attachments. Not an outcome of one of the games is it???? 😉😁,54 plus sign ups thus far for the light keys intro coming upon 11th.Thanks Nila for the fun class”

❤️Light Key Frequencies and Vortices for Limitless Reality

This is an advanced ‘Light Key Frequencies’ class that moves you from the dense stuck 3D to 5D reality. You learn frequencies that allow you to vibrate at the frequency of your desire.

Go here to know more about the magic wands you get on this class. You also get a sneak peek into the pre requisites of the class that are equally yummy.

“Nila all I can say is WOW 🤩.The peace and well being, the caring and nurturing I feel after yesterday’s class with advanced frequencies is unbelievable! Immense gratitude for this journey starting with Mumbai class. Truly from “fried to freed”.Thank you.”

“It is a feeling of ‘calm and full’ that prevails since after the class …And what a wow feeling that is.Immense gratitude for this super awesome roller coaster right from the beginning …..Loving every moment of it.🙏🙏🥳🥳🥳❤❤❤.And yessss each moment is a new experience😊”

“I had a dental surgery today. I invoked the vortices and Frequencies.It was a 3.5 hour surgery and all thru I heard Nila’s loops felt so relaxed and supported through the surgery.”

❤️Joyous Body Protocol – Certified

The best of the blessings are of no use if you are unable to receive them.

This class opens up your body to receive on the realm of this planet – good health, vitality, better living. Join Tamanna to learn this most loved protocol of the Light Keys Wellness System.

“Thank you so much @Tamanna I have been struggling with a sore throat since last night and it is healing; however this was a wonderful contribution to my body. 🙏🙏”

“JBP is transformational.. when I did JbP for 15+ days in a row I literally shed the extra fat on my face and body, lost approx 10 kgs.. then I stopped 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ and I gained back 😂 and now I’m in process of shedding it again… without exercise 🤩”

“Immense gratitude to you Nila … 2 days ago one JBP session helped improve the blood pressure and urine output for an Alzheimer patient. Thank you 🙏”

❤️Get Body Wise

Restore your communication with your body and receive from its innate intelligence. The body is a super aware, intelligent collaboration of the consciousness of over trillion cells. What can show up for you if these cells together contributed to your being and your life on this planet?

Get on ‘Body Wise’ call with Nila to open up the portals of communication with your body.

“I have loved the first call, it was pretty potent and gave me some detox reactions, but there is a sense of lightness in my body, looking forward to the second call😇 I highly recommend this one for anyone who is looking for and willing for a change in their body! Thank you @Nila IH for this series😇🙏🏻”

“This was one amazing call……and let me tell you, I didn’t just work on a thinner body, other things came up and I worked on them too….. lot of heaviness released.There are lot of subtle patterns we don’t even know they exist and we operate from them. Getting aware of those was in itself a healing!”

“Yesterday’s call was very potent and continued as well till early hours today ✨ I kept moving my hand while asleep to wherever I could feel a foreign element which melted away after a while. Hdigabtt? Body feels much lighter 💕Thank you nila for bringing light and lightness to our bodies🙏🏻”

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