Set Yourself Up For Love and Magic — Happy Valentine’s Day

Set Yourself Up For Love and Magic — Happy Valentine’s Day

What if you did not reject rejection?

Does rejection limit you? Have you avoided asking some one out because the rejection would be too hurtful to bear? Or did rejection from the job interview make you feel low? Maybe whatever you do isn’t enough to please someone!

Change all of this rejection to freedom – watch this beautiful facilitation by Nila and allow yourself to fall in love with you. Link to the video is given at the end.

Bloom love in your life – Love Intensive is a wonderful 7 in 1 package with exercises to help you beat the rejection, separation and loneliness to allow love to flourish in you. Here is a share from Sunali:

“Love this package. each product is GEM. just heard EFT session ,so much yawning ,eyes to be love💕 thank you Nila❤️”

If you sign up before 12 PM EST today (14th Feb), you can also receive off line love blessings from Nila. Hurry!

Also check our amazing discounted offers on the page, just because we love you!

Light Key Intermediate Blueprint Course in Hebrew!
If you have done your Basic Blueprint and inspired to learn more keys including prosperity and fame keys and looking to be facilitated in Hebrew, don’t wait. Sign up for the class on 16th:

Feel the Magic – 3 advanced healing sessions
Let’s share an interesting story!

There were 2 yoghurt brands – let’s call them A and B. A was a big player with funding, marketing and a supply chain in place. B was a humble start up. A advertised it’s yoghurt. B was too new to be able to afford a nationwide campaign. What happened next will blow your mind!

People went asking for A to their departmental stores after reading it’s advertisements. Guess what? The stores were all stocked up with B which then went on to become a household name overnight.

You can call it sheer luck, opportunity or whatever you want, but the point is, that all limitations were busted, all logic surpassed in this success story.

Prepare to begin to set up your life in this limitless and magical way with:

Releasing Linear Programming and Resonance to Limitations – What if there were no limits? All logic of this reality fell away and your life started changing and showing up not in a series of steps but in a quantum manner. And,

Prosperity Attunement – Attune yourself to the energies of richness and prosperity

LKWS (Light Key Wellness System) practitioners have your back – Experience a spinal release and joy immersion session too, to let your spine shed the unwanted baggage it has been carrying. After all, everything becomes grand if coloured with joy!

Expert Healers Hemlatha, Suguna and Tamanna are coming together to shred your limitations, fill you with joy and set you up to prosper.

We are growing!
We have the 3rd Level of our ‘Conscious and Prosperous Healer’ series coming up this month. For the uninitiated, CPH (Conscious and Prosperous Healer) is a series for healers where they can shift their consciousness to a powerful state of being. The way they approach their clients and sessions becomes inviting rather than pushy. They allow clients rather than seek clients. Some classes also have wonderful exercises that the healers can do with their clients. We have CPH, CPH Level 1, CPH Level 2 and now CPH Level 3!

Here is what a practitioner had to say about ‘Conscious and Prosperous Healer’

I just completed listening to conscious and prosperous healer basic.
Nila could have named it conscious parenting, dealing with mother in law, relationship class, and it would still be relevant.
For me, it opened up how I have been dealing with my son. It has led me to drop expectations, or at least name them out to him. I now spell out the situation to him. I tell him what is expected behaviour and what he has been doing, rather than scolding and projecting that he does not understand. And so much more. Yesterday I went about my day with a grumpy mil, without being pushed around but in allowance and she came around 🤗
As Smriti rightly put it at the end of the course, it is about how we function in our lives.
Nila has poured out her years of accumulated wisdom and it is a treasure trove of beingness.
In gratitude 🙏🏻✨

“I am flying high with all the prosperity created and the gifts nila is and will be showering on us with generosity”

“I am in so much of gratitude to Nila for these wonderful gifts which I have received from her today… My third eye is ting-a-ling crazily and my whole body is full of light and energy…I am super excited about this new beginning in my life and gratitude to universe everything…”

Check out the upcoming CPH L3 (Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 3) here:

To begin your CPH journey, you can start with the recorded training here:

YouTube – Freedom in Rejection!


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What more magic can we create together?

In Appreciation of you,
Team IH