Step Into Wholeness and Abundance

Step Into Wholeness and Abundance

How have you been?

Embrace Your Wholeness
How would it be to feel safe, whole and joyous? If you have fragmented parts that do not connect, you might feel unsafe, anxious, helpless or doubtful. Some parts of you might be identified as children or punitive adults.

In Integrating the Fragmented Parts of You, Nila invites you to your wholeness. She will facilitate you to find that safe place inside of you that was pushed away when you were a child.

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Note from Nila on this class:
I have been receiving so much awareness on this class that this could be run as a separate retreat. We have a 8 page workbook to bring up the awareness of the fragmentation and so, if you are serious about moving into wholeness, I recommend that you do the work book before the class so that we can do more integration work in the 1 hr call.
What magic can we create together?

Tune Into The Universal Abundance With Your Awareness
The Awareness Development Circles are beautiful journeys to tap into the magic of universe to unravel its secrets to you and contribute to you. What gifts await you on your unique journey?

This week the journey is about ‘Activating the Abundance Consciousness’ along with exercises to tap into abundance. How exciting!

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Release to Move Into Abundance
Light Matrix is a powerful element of the Universe which can transmute any blockages, negativities into light and lightness. Nila has channelled the Light Matrix commands to release lack and move into abundance. The product has 3 powerful recordings

  • Release the resistance to Money
  • Release poverty consciousness
  • Release money worries

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available at 50% discount for a limited period. 

When you purchase, you will be invited to participate in our 11 day challenge to move into Live of Abundance.
The FUN & FREEDOM journey starts on July 1.
Feel free to join this challenge where we will be inspiring each other to run the LM loops for 11 consecutive days and create more magic. Group synergy exponentializes the creation.

Nila has graciously gifted ‘Light Matrix commands to releasing lack’ to everyone which can be downloaded from our soundcloud account. Follow Infinite Healing on soundcloud to stay updated with all the gifts we upload.

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Free Light Key Healing
The Free Light Key Healing FB group is a space where anyone can request healing and Light Key practitioners send healing. It is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to be healed to connect with all the wonderful Light Key practitioners out there.
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YouTube video of the week:
Watch Nila share 3 Techniques to Soothe You Into Higher Vibration to move beyond heaviness and upset to a space of lightness.

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Training For Facilitator of Basic Blueprint Course

12 Techniques to Increase The Money Flow 

Ease With School – Certified (Dealing with Expectations)

Weight Loss with Rapid Response Protocol

Free Insight Call for Light Key Frequency Practitioners
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