Time to Transmute the Old into Gold

Time to Transmute the Old into Gold

Do you think energy blocks are good? You might be wondering why are we asking this?!

Now let us tell you this… any energy block, any… be it health, money, relationship is simply dammed potential energy that you have been building over time, and if you let it loose, t will tremendously contribute to you, once flow is restored.

And, we can tell you exactly how this is possible?


Are energy blocks good? Are you almost looking for one in your life?

Hop on to

Transmuting Energy Blocks into Glow and Flow with Nila on the 28th February. Go here:

This call is a part of the 4 call Light Matrix Miracle series. The foundation call – Light Matrix Transmutation Grid – Magical Tool for Life Changing Possibilities was held on 14th February and people have created amazing results ever since.

“When you did practice grid I wrote something. For which the answer is teaching  I didn’t even place it the way it should be as it was rough and I write notes also on the paper but it worked  The fair grid I made nicely and kept for display I am sure will do wonders “

“I too am feeling so light. And am feeling the grid is already working What if I don’t need the knee replacement, how would that be ! Thank you so so much Nila for bringing ease in our lives with so much ease”

“I am in the 10x conference virtually and their system crashed..and I said Light matrix clear cancel and transmute this tech issue to be fixed and flow with ease I said this 3 times. I kid you not..the announcement came we are back up..hoe does it get any better than this”

You can buy the entire 4 part series at a discounted price and save 30 $ and receive 18$ worth of bonus call recording. Go here to know more:

“Yesterday I had great success using: Light Matrix clear, cancel and transmute all of this angst and emotion into joy of living, wealth generating possibilities and freedom to be me.”

“Wooohh I’ve been feeling lighter, feel like each clogged sensation is a matrix of the light(energy), we are moving past to nothingness to be what we’d prefer or everything loved today’s class. I’m here for all of them”

“Thank you so much Nila Mam. I am feeling so, so light. Had been carrying this secret for such a long time, took so much of my energies. My back pain too has released for good. Much Gratitude to you “

❤️ Yes! We have the Season 2 starting on 1st March

We recently concluded 11 Days of Body Rejuvenation with Sirian Elders and Blue Light Energy with Tamanna, Deepa and Raina.

The participants requested for a season 2 and here it is:

“Loads of release today….. can’t stop yawning.. Felt a lot of energy throughout the body.. thank you so much “

“Felt a warm feeling moving across my lower tummy area. Feeling relaxed and sleepy after the session  Thank you “

“Yesterday my yoga teacher asked for water and I mixed some Sirian healing charged water into her bottle (just felt like giving her some). Today she came in and said she felt very Happy all day….there were Happy harmones and was curious to know how did I charge that water!”

❤️ Open the locked doors of your life with Light ‘Keys’

Light Keys are high vibrational symbols. Each symbol, when practiced brings a certain energy to your life!

With the Basic Blueprint Course, you learn the Master key and Kindness Key, along with the ease and fear dissolver keys.

The fun next level begins when you start creating from a foundation of mastery and kindness.

Invite health, life (purpose), fame, prosperity, love, expansion, joy and flow keys; and ,much more with Smriti Shivdasani on the 3rd March:

There is still time to complete the pre requisite class, the Basic Light Key Blueprint Course for Life and Beyond. Get it here:

“I just drew the flow key in the air to practice twice and energy swept me away from the floor.. I’m in air.. what magic is this!!!! I don’t feel like putting my feet on the ground.. so many vibrations.. it’s as if there is a soft pillow like vaccum between me and the ground.. it’s so soft.. super super super..I’m flying sorry but seriously I am.. it’s a very funny feeling like I used to get riding on the giant wheel in childhood,And I’ve smiled literally like this after ages.. the babyish joySo grateful Nila ”

“My husband had a pain in ear and some sound was coming, for couple of days he was going through this. So I used the tool From BPC class and his pain is reduced now. He is a doctor ,so he had a telephonic conversation with ENT surgeon, he said good u sensed this early sometimes we have to do the surgery or soemtimes people lose their hearing capacity.His intensity is reduced”

“I would definitely recommend doing the Intermediate blue print course. It’s fun, exciting and great learning especially the additional keys which are such a joy to practice.”

❤️ Get amazing life upgrades per month at the price of a coffee!

Some spends are investments. Like a seed you sow and water it with care knowing fully that one fine day, it will sprout a new life!

Life is like that too.

For growth, your spend is an investment, a seed which will then sprout more ease and expansion in life.

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