What if Earth can show you the treasures?

What if Earth can show you the treasures?

How have you been?  This is Nila again and back with another magic story for you.

Can the Earth show you treasures?

If you are a skeptic like me, you may want to read on…

Since yesterday, I have been having so much awareness all day along for the call ‘Synchronizing the body with Earth for health, wealth, and happiness’ happening on Tuesday, the  26th – maybe one call isn’t sufficient. Yeah… I got a light phrase for grounding swiftly. This is the very first time you are going to hear about the light phrase.

But that’s not the story. Read on. When I was doing my yoga, I got this question ‘What if the Earth can show you the treasures?’ That was interesting and I made a mental note to do a banner with this question.

Then I went straight into meditation and I got the download of an exercise to tune into the treasures of the Earth. I did not do it per se but it was like a live demo happened on its own within my body. When I finished the meditation, I wanted to make a note of it on my laptop for this call and there I see a big payment notification in the mailbox which was not all expected! That was a sign for this skeptic 🙂

In this call, among other clearings (programs, implants, etc), we will also be doing 3 more exercises:

1) To receive the nutrients and minerals needed for the body from the planet

2) To establish equilibrium with the planet.

3) Aligning the body with the Earth’s frequency and retrieving the scattered physical energy

As a bonus, you will get Earth Chakra activation and a lightlogue for deep grounding.

If you are someone struggling in any area of your life on the planet, this call may bring so much ease for you… I am so excited. Can’t wait for the call!

I thank everyone who signed up already and whoever is going to join because you are the ones who demand these downloaded. Cheers!

Here is the link, if you like to join:


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