Would you allow the light frequencies to work for you?

Would you allow the light frequencies to work for you?

More than ever, at this point of time, more help is available for us to create a new reality. I am becoming more and more aware of this information almost on daily basis. And the simplicity of these tools that are pouring in amazes me.

I like to give an example. I downloaded a Light Key Protocol for pain reduction. I tried it on myself and within a few minutes the pain came down from 5 to zero. Tried it on a fellow light key practitioner for her leg pain with intensity 9/10. It came down to 4 after about 7 minutes of the practice. She went to bed immediately after the session and she sent this message in the morning:

Magic magic magic. Thank u nila😘😘😘
The pain is gone on which u worked yesterday it’s really magic
Always wen i get up in morning i have pain in my legs n not able to walk n today in my sleep itself i was not having pain n was able to walk freely in morning
Thank u thank u thanku

It is this easy… all these protocols are very easy and can be performed by anyone for healing themselves. They use the vibration of symbols and healing frequencies to transmute the energy that’s creating discomfort.

These frequencies are transformational and create great shift in your body, life and being.  If you are curious, please join us on 19th to learn how to tune into three such frequencies and how to apply them on yourself and others. 

No previous experience on energy healing required and there are no pre-requisites. 

This class is suitable for all ages and all levels of experience. If you are an aspiring healer, this would a good one to start your journey with. If you are an experienced healer, this will add much more ease and efficiency into your sessions.

Golden Earth: This process helps you build a fulfilling, joyful and abundant life here on earth
Universal kindness: This process helps you create peace, harmony and possibilities.
Rainbow Ray: This process helps you clear and cancel limiting beliefs, energy blocks and old contracts.


Ease and peace with life.
Sense of empowerment to handle life and beyond.
Physical vitality.
Conflict resolution.
Relief from stubborn issues.
Improved self-worth.

❤️What will you receive:

Manual and recording of the class.
E-Certificate of completion (after passing a short quiz).


Do you know that we have another class to create harmony, peace and joy with the body on 12th Jan?


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