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Would you allow your body to heal?

Would you allow your body to heal?

How have you been? Have you started the new year with higher vibration?

Let nothing drag you down… keep looking for something to appreciate and soar high in vibration.

While talking about appreciation, how much are you in appreciation of your body? Have you recognized the potency of the body to heal on its own and produce other bodies?

If a body can produce a new heart for a baby, can’t it heal its own heart? If it can eject a live body out of it naturally, can’t it eject unwanted elements on its own?

What do you think is keeping from the bodies to heal themselves? Our conditioning and our beliefs about them & most likely the beliefs about you. You are the life force energy that flows through your body and if you had beliefs that lead to shame, you will most likely punish your body because of it.

How do you find and heal your limiting beliefs? Some of these questions can help you find them:

Would I be willing to come into the same body if I have a choice?

How well do I feel being in my body?

Where am I with respect to my body?

Do I deserve this body?

Does this body deserve me?

What’s the downside of having the body I desire?

These are some of the questions that could help you find your core beliefs about you and your body.

There are numerous techniques you can use to heal these beliefs – one of them being Light Key Protocols for clearing beliefs. There are numerous other tools available freely like EFT, Sedona method, etc.

By clearing the limiting beliefs, you would finally be able to allow the body to heal itself.

But you do not have to always hunt for the limiting beliefs to heal the body. It is one of the techniques and there are many energy healing techniques available for healing. Joyous body protocol, a simple practice, helps you restore the body’s healing abilities. It’s so simple that anyone including children can do and benefit. You can also perform this protocol on others to assist with their healing.

Here are some of the feedbacks:

“Today I completed 11 days. This protocol gave me a miracle, reducing the stubborn pain in my back and hip by 80%. I could hardly sit for half an hour straight. I was having it for years; about ten years, I would say. But now I can sit for a much longer time. Thank you so much, sis Nila for the opportunity.”

“Joyous body protocol is magic created by a magician. Experiencing an amazing shift..feeling light in my body…energy levels are high, I used to feel tired after my work and then after reaching home it was like please give me some space…but now I am feeling so relaxed and calm, spending more time with my kids.
Was suffering from knee pain and now you won’t believe there is no pain at all… Hairfall has reduced… Attentiveness has increased. Listening capacity is improving. No dental pain. Feeling more compassionate and kind towards me, my body and others as well.
Tons of gratitude for creating this amazing transformation in my life.
Thank you”

Yes, it brings holistic outcome – the best part is it is so simple and you do not have to understand how it works.

Please do join me on 12th Jan to learn the protocol and restore your body to its glory:

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I look forward to seeing you in class.

In appreciation of you,